For those stunning eyes

For those stunning eyes

Your dark, appealing and spectacular eyes could give away your mood and emotions better than any words ever could A neatly applied dark black kajal is...

Your dark, appealing and spectacular eyes could give away your mood and emotions better than any words ever could. A neatly applied dark black kajal is all they need to look mesmerising. Every woman craves to possess adorned eyes to look and the right application of kajal is perhaps the easiest way to achieve a sensual and attractive look.

Eye makeup enhances the look of a woman in the quickest way and makes her look all the more appealing. But like everything else in life, beauty is not so simple a thing to achieve as kajal feathers and smudges at the inner corner of the eyes, making you look more embarrassing, scary, dull than gorgeous.

The use of Kajal and kohl goes back to the ancient times. In fact, it has been traditionally used in India for beautifying the eyes. It is a makeup staple of every single girl. The application of kohl was also very popular in Egypt and in countries of the Middle East. Kajal is still very popular. There is no doubt that kajal helps to impart an exotic Indian look.

Smudging of kajal is a common problem. You may start off with exotic eyes and end up with dark smudges under the eyes. So, here are some tips to save yourself from the embarrassment. First of all, buy the kajal of a reputed company. It may also be safer if black eye cosmetics do not contain lead. Invest in a good quality one that is long lasting and smudge proof to achieve black-eyed beauty. It will turn out to be your best friend in makeup.

The area around the eyes and near the lashes should be free from oil or sweat. First, wash your face. Pat it dry. Before applying eye makeup, wipe the area near lashes very gently, using a cotton bud. Apply ice cubes around your eyes in case of oily skin to look bright and get rid of oiliness. It would help to remove oil and sweat. Dabbing a little face powder near eyes may also help in soaking up the oil present in the region.

Makeup experts say that applying primer really helps. Primer helps the kajal last longer. When you apply kajal on the lower lid, start from the outer corner and go inwards. However, leave a tiny space in the outer and inner corners. Avoid applying the Kajal in the inner corners, because this is where the smudging actually takes place.

Another tip is quite helpful. Apply the kajal close the lashes and then apply black eyeshadow over it with a thin brush or sponge-tipped applicator. This helps to prevent smudging and also provide the smudged look, which many try hard to achieve. If you wish to extend the kajal outwards and slightly upwards, beyond the outer corner of the eyes, use the black eyeshadow on the outer corners of the eyes to achieve the same look.

Mascara can also cause smudging. It should be applied in two light coats. First, apply one coat. Allow it to dry. Comb out the lashes with an eyelash comb. Then apply the second coat and repeat the procedure.

Make sure that you do not touch your eyes/meddle with it unnecessarily if you have applied kajal on it or you yourself will smudge it by doing so. You may opt for smudge-proof kajal available with the beauty salons but be sure that it suits you best keeping in view your skin type.

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