A tome on ‘Mayabazar’

A tome on ‘Mayabazar’

Mayabazar, the magnum opus of Telugu film industry, is no doubt a neveroutdated reference for movie enthusiasts and would be filmmakers Even after 60...

‘Mayabazar’, the magnum opus of Telugu film industry, is no doubt a never-outdated reference for movie enthusiasts and would be filmmakers. Even after 60 years, the masterpiece is still a wonderful subject for discussions. Many articles and analytical interpretations have been published on this greatest movie.

‘Mayabazar’ is an all-time topper. It is considered an encyclopaedia for newcomers in all 24 crafts of the industry. The credit for making it goes to legendary B Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani, director KV Reddy, writer Pingali Nagendra Rao, cinematographer Marcus Bartley and others.
Film journalist Pulagam Chinnanarayana came up with an experimental work ‘Mayabazar Madhura Smruthulu’, narrating the sweet memories entangled with its making. The book features interviews of people who worked for the movie. His efforts in publishing the book are evident as he himself interacted with the living legends and recorded their interviews. His visual presentations also convey that the film is a long-term project, as it has interviews of ANR, Gummadi, who are no more. Interviews with actors Mikkilineni, Raktakanneeru Sitha and intern of the film Singeetham Srinivasa Rao reveal more interesting behind-the-scenes happenings.

Usually, books on films are written on stars, directors, producers and other popular personalities. Striking a different path, Chinnanarayana presented the book with interviews of the people associated with the film, who are still with us. They have been presented in a TV programme format. All interviews are capsuled with a melodious voice and presented by veteran newsreader Pragathi.

It is a commendable work by the author to spot the living persons and contacting them, as they are settled in different places. His persistent efforts appear to have paid off as the book has received a wide range of plaudits from many quarters.

Apart from the rich-content, the book, with a CD, looks good, reflecting the taste of Chandamama Vijaya Combines. It’s a tribute to the movie by publisher B Viswanatha Reddy, son of producer B Nagi Reddy. The writer and his team should be appreciated for touring Vijayawada and Chennai for interviews. Anything related to this all-time favourite is worth reading and watching. It should be placed in bookshelves for future reference.

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