How do you write X?
How do you write X?

Yes, you read it right. The question is how do you write X? The question about the right way of writing an ‘X’ has created another perplexing situation on Twitter.

When we were kids we all were taught to write alphabets, but none of us would have remembered the teacher telling us the ‘right way’ to write ‘X’.

It is simple, yet complex. In reply to this question a user @SMASEY posted the thread about how people instinctively draw the alphabet, Mashable reported.

Many of us wouldn’t have paid attention earlier but there are eight ways to write ‘X’, as @SMASEY puts it in her tweet. This clearly led to a division on Twitter between the left-handed and the right-handed, the blenders of two styles, to the ones who felt like their learning had been not correct.

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