Officials turn blind eye to encroachment on govt land: CPI leaders

Mahbubnagar: The revenue officials are turning a blind eye to the encroachment of 4 acres land close to National Highway 44, allege CPI leaders on Tuesday.

According to members of the Communist party of India leaders from Mahbubnagar, some private players from Malleboinpally village have occupied illegally the valuable government land in survey number 35. It is alleged that some persons from the village with a nefarious design to grab the land have now started digging soil, removing boulders and clearing the thorny bushes.

However, despite repeated representations to the Revenue officials at the mandal and even to officials at the district level so far the officials have not even visited the land and have turned a blind eye on the issue.

“After having learned about the illegal diggings and clearing of bushes and boulders on the government land by some private persons, we have raised our voice and even represented the same to Jadcherla Tahasildar and even lodged a complaint in the district Collectorate on the issue, but because of the apathy of the officials, the private persons are continuing to dig the soil and boulders illegally from the government land and selling it to mint money,” said Chada Venkata Reddy, former MLA and CPI Telangana State secretary, who had visited the land on Wednesday.

In fact the total land under the survey number 35 was 61 acres, however, earlier the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh government distributed 57 acres of land to various landsless farmers in the village and about 4 acres of land which is covered with dense thorny bushes and hilly boulders adjacent to National Highway 44 was left idle for so many years.

However, of late some private persons from Malleboinpally village have eyed to grab the left over land and have started clearing all the bushes and digging mud and clearing the boulders with a motive to encroach the valuable land adjacent to the National Highway 44.

CPI district secretary Paramesh Goud said, “The market value of lands in Jadcherla have skyrocketed and many real-estate businesses, land brokers and some leaders in the ruling party are trying to encroach upon the government lands and later earn crores of rupees by converting them into to real-estate ventures.”

“However, we as members of CPI will never allow such things to happen. We are demanding the state government to immediately take cognisance of this issue and direct the concerned revenue officials to immediately conduct survey of the land and demark the boundary and erect fencing and protect it from private encroachment, “he said.

“We are demanding the government to construct double bedroom houses on the same land and distribute it to the poor. If not the CPI party will put its own party flags on the land and set up huts and distribute it to the land less poor,” said Paramesh Goud.

The CPI members alleged that in spite of giving so many representations the revenue officials have restrained them from lodging any complaints with the police on the issue. This clearly shows that the officials are hand in glove with the private players and acting on the directions of ruling party leaders not to take any action against the land grabbers.

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