Says he will not bargain for any post, and had left it to the TRS leadership on how to utilise his services
Says he will not bargain for any post, and had left it to the TRS leadership on how to utilise his services

Hyderabad: Congress senior leader and former Speaker KR Suresh Reddy said that he had not sought any post, and has left it to the TRS leadership on how they would use his services.

After taking a decision to join TRS, Suresh Reddy, in an interview with The Hans India, said “Congress is like a big ocean and no one will come out of it. I am like a thunder coming out of that ocean, which would create greenery after falling in another place. It is not like Congress has not given me importance. I have been given importance. But when a good leader (Chandrashekar Rao) is striving for the development of the State, we need to support him.” 

Suresh Reddy said that he had not joined TRS for any post. “I have been the Speaker of Assembly in Andhra Pradesh and I am not joining for bargaining the posts, and this is the reason why I have decided to join the ruling party after the announcement of candidates to the Assembly constituencies. I have joined only for the cherished demand of developed Telangana. I will be a link between the party and the people,” said Suresh Reddy. 

When asked whether he had got any assurance from the ruling party, he said that the TRS leaders have said that they wanted to use his services and it was up to them how they would use him. He further said that he had decided to join TRS as he did not want hindrance in the fast development process.

Suresh Reddy said that the decision to join TRS was not new and added that this was the time when people would be taking a decision on which party should be given an opportunity to rule. At this juncture, brake should not be applied on the programmes and schemes of TRS government as it would lead to problems. 

However, Suresh Reddy said that there was some scope for improvement in the government schemes. The Chief Minister has formed a manifesto committee and there might be changes in some of the programmes, he said. When asked about the criticism of Chief Minister, Suresh Reddy said that those criticisms were based on party which he represented. He said that there might be some more leaders from Congress who would be joining TRS.

The former Congress leader said that the government was doing remarkable work in the irrigation sector, providing drinking water and others. He further said that the overall development index was also growing and added that he does not want this to stop. Replying to a question, Suresh Reddy said that he was not bothered about his political future.

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