Munnuru Kapus urge govt for corporation

Munnuru Kapus urge govt for corporation

 Hyderabad: The Munnuru Kapu Sangham on Monday demanded setting up of a corporation for the upliftment of the community. Representatives of the organisation, led by president Konda Devayya, submitted a representation to the Hyderabad district Collector in Nampally during the ‘Prajavani’ programme.

The representation demanded deletion of the MunnuruKapu Board from the endowment list and it has to be handed over to the MunnuruKapu Trust Board, allotment of five acres in Hyderabad, as given to all castes, and Rs 10 crore. It wanted the government to come to the rescue of those members of the community involved in agriculture and facing financial problems due to failed business ventures.

Those who represented to the Collector were includingsanghamTelangana leader and Greater Hyderabad Kapu Sangham leader RVMahender.

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