Hassle-free eamcet goes hi-tech

Hassle-free eamcet goes hi-tech

With just two days to go for the all important entrance examination (EAMCET) for admission into first year engineering and probably medical courses,...

With just two days to go for the all important entrance examination (EAMCET) for admission into first year engineering and probably medical courses, thousands of students are working overtime to emerge in flying colours. Arrangements have already been made at 735 test centres across the state and not just the JNTU -Hyderabad staff which is holding the test, the entire government and police machinery is geared up for the smooth conduct of the entrance examination. There are many interesting features in EAMCET this time: record number of applicants for the test, girls outnumbering boys for medical, strict police vigil over applicants, an eye on repeaters and medical results linked to Supreme Court A verdict etc. Convener of EAMCET, Prof NV Ramana Rao, who spoke to The Hans India, claimed that conduct of EAMCET has become a model for other states in terms of technology and logistics. He has also defended the decision not to put any age limit for engineering or medical education.
BH Ramakrishna
Excerpts: What are the special features in EAMCET this time? What are the improvisations made? eamcetDispensing of the usage of PENCIL and introduction of blue or black ball point pen for darkening the answer circles; Online RANK CARDS generation and downloads; 24x7 availability of website to apply and update themselves; Division of the regions (especially Hyderabad) & addition of new Regional Centres for the convenience of the candidates and their parents; Inclusion of name of Candidate's Mother in the EAMCET Application form; Sending SMS's to the candidates after registration & any relevant updates etc. Test Centre contact numbers are shared with candidates through the EAMCET 2013 Hall Tickets to enable the candidates to reach the centres comfortably. In other words, extensive use of technology and minimize the use of paper for the convenience of the EAMCET aspirants, with due regard to environment production are some of the improvisations made.
You have allowed Ball point pen this time. If a candidate wants to change a particular answer which he has already attempted, how can he do it? He has to forgo it?
With the introduction of ball point pen this time in EAMCET, yes there is no chance for the candidate to change the answer once attempted. Hence, the candidates must fully satisfy themselves about the accuracy of the answer before darkening the appropriate circle. Candidates are strongly advised not to use eraser or white fluid on the OMR Answer Sheets, as these sheets are machine gradable and it may lead to wrong evaluation. Also, candidates should not shade more than one circle for a question.
Why is that EAMCET panel wants to have a special surveillance on those candidates who are not fresh Intermediate pass-outs and some of them over-aged?
Generally, majority of the aspirants for EAMCET are fresh Intermediate pass- outs. However, repeaters are taking the exam especially those who are over-aged, there is a possibility that these candidates are actually trying to help the fresh candidates during the exam. This may not be always true, but we are inclined to be more vigilant on such candidates. Based on the past experiences, it is observed that generally repeaters are more involved in malpractices cases or may be writing with dubious intentions.
Is deployment of such a huge police, intelligence and revenue machinery necessary? Will it not terrorise the youngsters?
No, not at all.. There will not be any problem for the genuine candidates. They have absolute freedom. Sharing of information- with the police and intelligence- of seniors, repeaters is necessary as even a minute aberration can be blown out of proportion and mar the chances of hundreds of people.
In the light of Chandigarh episode, what are the steps that you take to prevent hi-tech copying?
The candidates should not bring Log books, Tables, Calculators, Pagers, Cell Phones, Digital watches, any electronic gadgets, etc., into the examination hall. Any candidate found in possession of any of the forbidden material will be sent out of the examination hall. Use of Jammers at problematic test centres where Agriculture & Medical is conducted; appointment of Special Enforcement officers for the problematic Test Centres; deployment of bomb disposal squad for manual frisking at the Test Centres; extra vigilance and more police bandobust are a few of the security measures to be implemented strictly. Measures to close down nearby Computer / Xerox centres and checking of nearby Hotels / Lodges by the Local Police etc will help in checking malpractices. We have taken all the necessary measures to curb the security threats to the maximum extent and made our site hack-free.
Some of the aspirants are above 40-50 age. Do you think, they block the chances of youngsters? Do you think, as an academician to restrict the age to a certain point?
One person who registered for EAMCET medical from Sattupalli in Khammam district is more than 50 years of age. Similarly, a few who were 45 plus have opted for engineering. I personally feel that there are no barriers like age for education. If a candidate, whether under-aged, peer-aged or over-aged, if he/she is having the capability and aptitude they should be given an equal opportunity.
Still there are doubts over EAMCET-MEDICAL and NEET. Will the rank be given to medical aspirants even if the Supreme Court does not pronounce its verdict at the time of declaration of results or will they be held back?
The Hon'ble Supreme Court in its orders dated 13th December, 2012 in Transfer Case (Civil) No. 101 & 102 of 2012 said: "that the Medical Council of India, the Dental Council of India as well as the States and universities and other Institutions, will be entitled to conduct their respective examinations for the MBBS, BDS and Post Graduate courses, but shall not declare the results of the same, until further orders of this court". In view of the above, the results shall not be declared in respect of EAMCET-2013 (AM stream), until further orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in the said Transfer case (Civil) No. 101 & 102 of 2012.
What about the results? Will the marks and ranks be given simultaneously? What about the criticism that SC and ST candidates even if score zero marks in entrance, would be given a rank..?
EAMCET 2013 results will be announced on June 2. As per G.O.Ms.No 73 of Higher Education(EC.2) Department, dated 28-07-2011, the candidates who have secured qualifying marks in EAMCET 2013 and candidates belonging to the category of Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribe, for whom qualifying marks have not been prescribed, shall be assigned ranking in the order of merit on the basis of combined score obtained by giving 75% weightage to the marks secured in EAMCET 2013 and 25% weightage to the marks secured in the relevant group subjects namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry of the qualifying examination.
Date of entrance: May 10 Key to be notified on May 12 Objections allowed up to May 18 Results to be declared June 2 Total no of test centres 735 Time of exam 10 am to 1 pm (engg) 2: 30 pm to 5: 30 (medical) NOTE THIS POINT:
  • Candidates will not be allowed to enter the hall if they are late even by ONE minute
  • Hall ticket a must
  • Blue or Black Ball Point Pen shall be brought
  • Filled in online application form
  • Attested copy of caste certificate in case of SC/ ST
  • No markings shall be made at any part of the OMR sheet
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