Pedal to college

Pedal to college

With rising pollution levels, heavy traffic on roads, increasing fuel prices and costly bikes, the humble cycle is back in fashion with youngstersA B...

With rising pollution levels, heavy traffic on roads, increasing fuel prices and costly bikes, the humble cycle is back in fashion with youngstersA

Bhavneet Singh

padal to college

Get on it, race the engine, change the gear and you're off in a flash! From where we stand, a revolution is on the cards. It is the pedal revolution! Colleges in the city are witnessing a slow, but steady change in the rides that student use to reach them. From the heavy duty Pulsar 220s and R15s, the trend is slowly shifting to BSA Mach and Hero Razorback. In case, you don't know what these two are, let me tell you, they are the finest brands of cycles in town. In many colleges, it is not about how fast you can accelerate to race your beast, it is about how fast you can pedal a cycle.

Some claim, they do it to save 'Mother Nature', others cycle to lose some. Then there is a third category which is the unofficial 'Allu Arjun fans' association. They cycle to college because he did so in his movie Arya. Whatever be the reason, cycling is surely striking a chord with the youngsters in the city.

If you're a student, here is why cycling to school/college is a good decision.

Firstly, you're parents would be the happiest. Because they do not have to shell out for your vehicle's fuel, and they can be certain that your speed is not going to cross the limit.

Secondly, for the fitness freaks, it helps guys get the 'V' shape that they always wanted. For girls, it helps you get size zero figure. And all without wasting much time or money in the gym.

Your contribution to pollution becomes lesser and you're indirectly playing your part to save the earth.

Believe it or not, when in traffic, owning a cycle feels like such a boon. It's much easier to navigate through heavy traffic. And, if you think cycles are too slow, here is an interesting bit of information for you. An average person, without putting in much effort rides at a speed of 16 to 28 kmpl. Mileage is not an issue with cycles, because as a Science student would like to say, the mileage of the cycle is directly proportional to the energy in you.

The actual insight on how cycles are becoming the new fad with Gen-Y can be known from shop owners who claim that there business is seeing a rise. According to Rajesh, the owner of Vijaya Cycle store in Alwal, the sales have gone up marginally in the last six months. "Mostly students come to buy cycles. BSA Mach city is the best seller among them," he adds.

Priced at Rs 5,000, BSA Mach 2 is, lately, students' favourite pick. It is stylish, comfortable to ride and, most of all, very light. BSA Mach City, along with Hero Ranger, is on the top of the best selling cycles' list.A Well, owning a cycle is a win-win situation for youngsters. So go ahead, get a cycle and contribute in the pedal revolution.

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