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Sir, what is the the difference between \'Cope with\' and \'Cope up with\'? Many people use \"cope up with\" instead of \"cope up\" or \"cope with\". 

Sir, what is the the difference between 'Cope with' and 'Cope up with'?

Many people use "cope up with" instead of "cope up" or "cope with".

"Cope" is a verb and it means 'to deal successfully with a difficult situation'. "Cope with" is a phrase and people make this a common mistake using "cope up" or "cope up with" but the correct answer is "cope with". "Cope up" makes no sense whatsoever.

In some sentences only "cope" can be used, which gives enough meaning to the sentence.

For example, 1. Usage of "Cope" as verb : He annoys me so much! I can't cope with him. 2. Usage of "Cope with" : I asked my colleague, "Can you cope with all those things? Do you need some help?"

-Mr.A.Narsimha, NSS Cell,
Palamuru University

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