After Apple, Google to Manufacture Pixel Smartphones in India

After Apple, Google to Manufacture Pixel Smartphones in India

Google follows Apple's lead in manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India, aiming for over 10 million shipments in 2024.

Google is gearing up to produce Pixel smartphones in India, mirroring Apple's move to manufacture iPhones in the country. Reports suggest Alphabet Inc. has instructed suppliers to manufacture Google Pixel devices in India by the next quarter. This initiative is part of Google's strategy to ship more than 10 million Pixel phones globally this year.

The decision to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India follows Apple's footsteps, as iPhones like iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 are already being manufactured in the country. Apple's shift towards manufacturing in India and diversifying its supply chain away from China has been spurred by challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google's move to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India underscores its focus on the growing Indian market. The tech giant earlier announced plans to make its flagship Pixel 8 available in 2024, emphasizing its commitment to the Indian market as a key growth opportunity.

According to reports, Google will initiate production lines for its high-end Pixel 8 Pro smartphones in the upcoming weeks, with manufacturing expected to commence in the April-June quarter. This shift in manufacturing location aims to diversify Google's supply chain away from China, aligning with broader industry trends towards geographic diversification and risk mitigation.

While specific details such as the number of phones to be manufactured in India and whether they will be sold domestically or exported remain undisclosed, this strategic move by Google reflects its intent to leverage India's manufacturing capabilities and tap into its vast consumer base.

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