Coronavirus: Four must-have gadgets to stay safe

Coronavirus: Four must-have gadgets to stay safe



We must practise social distancing strictly but also make these four gadgets part of our life to stay safe

The coronavirus cases across the globe have crossed the 20 million mark and have seen close to 8 lakh deaths. Even scientists and medical experts across the globe are working hard to develop a vaccine to contain the spread of this dangerous virus; the best way is to fight the deadly virus is to adapt to the brave new world of coronavirus pandemic.

We must practise social distancing strictly but also make these four gadgets part of our life to stay safe.

These are the four must-have gadgets during these pandemic times.

No Touch Thermometer

We have entered phase 3 unlock plan in India, and now we are calling house helps, electricians, plumbers when there is a need. We should check people who step inside our home are not running a high temperature. We can buy an infrared thermometer, which is a no Touch thermometer. This way, we can avoid coming in contact with symptomatic carriers of the coronavirus.

Pulse Oximeter

This tiny device can quickly tell the oxygen saturation of the person when clipped onto a person's fingers, toe or ears. To be noted that deficient levels of oxygen in the blood, without any evident distress, is one of the warning symptoms of the coronavirus. We should buy a pulse oximeter to monitor the oxygen saturation regularly, especially if you need to venture outdoors.

Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer

To ensure minimal contact with house help, electricians etc., coming to your house you can install an electrical sanitize spray at your main door. This touch-free hand sanitizer will eliminate the unnecessary touching the objects in and around your home and will ensure that people have sanitized their hands before they come inside.

Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectant

In the era of fanatical cleaning, washing and sanitizing, it makes sense to buy a disinfect for fruits and vegetables. This will ensure thorough removal of germs, bacteria, viruses and pesticides from the products. This device uses its chemical-free ozone technology and makes food consumption safe. You need to fill a container with water, add fruits and vegetables to it and dip the pipe of the disinfectant machine in the box to clean it.

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