WhatsApp OTP scam: Know everything about it

WhatsApp OTP scam

WhatsApp OTP scam: Know everything about it


WhatsApp OTP scam: Scammers on WhatsApp has new way to trick people is to scam with the OTP. Understand how scammers do this and how can we stay safe?

WhatsApp OTP scam: WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging apps in the world, used by so many people, it is natural for hackers and scammers to target it.

Most users make it easy for hackers to get on because they are not careful with the app. One of the easiest ways for scammers is to take over our WhatsApp accounts is through the OTP.

What is OTP scam?

Whenever you reset up WhatsApp or on a new smartphone, once you enter your registered phone number, WhatsApp sends an OTP to your registered number. You need to type this to configure WhatsApp.

You need to take care of two things: you have to enter your phone number to receive OTP from WhatsApp and WhatsApp will never send an OTP unless prompted.

Scammers are using this OTP feature to get in. They pretend to be friends or family and will contact you on any other messaging platform, via SMS or Facebook Messenger, and will tell you that they got disconnected from your WhatsApp accounts, and need your help to get in.

Hackers go on to say that since they cannot access your accounts, they cannot receive OTP on your numbers. Therefore, you will receive an OTP on their behalf that you need to share with them.

Later, you will get an OTP on your number, and the scammer will ask you to share it with them.

The moment you do so, your WhatsApp session will be closed, and you will find a message in the app saying that you have disconnected from this device and that your number is being used on another device for WhatsApp.

What happened here is that the hacker entered his number in WhatsApp on another device and that's why he received the OTP. If you trust him and shared the OTP with this person pretending to be an acquaintance, you gave away your WhatsApp account.

Hackers can now use your WhatsApp account for unethical activities and lock you down forever.

What to do if this happens?

If you have been a victim of these scammers, immediately reset your WhatsApp and log in again. You need to enter your registered number, and then you will receive an OTP.

Using this OTP Login to WhatsApp on your device. This will block the hacker from any other device you are using with your number.

How to avoid the OTP scam?

This is very simple. Don't forget that WhatsApp never sends an OPT unless you request it. So, if you get an OTP without doing anything, ignore it and don't share it with anyone. Not even the closest friends and family member, especially if they request it by text message.

If you receive such a text message from a friend or family member, give them a call and see if you need their help.

To be more secure, you must activate two-factor authentication in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has many of your chats and media private, and it is dangerous if hackers gain access to this. Be careful.

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