12 apps including Aarogya Setu developed by the government to track coronavirus

12 apps including Aarogya Setu developed by the government to track coronavirus
Coronavirus tracking app (Aarogya Setu)

As many as eleven apps including Aarogya Setu have been developed by the government to track coronavirus pandemic.

As many as eleven apps including Aarogya Setu have been developed by the government to track coronavirus pandemic. While the lockdown is still going on, the governments in all the states are making efforts to contain the virus. The emergency helplines numbers have been activated and many apps have been developed to make citizens aware of the present situation caused due to the deadly disease.

Earlier this month, the Indian government officially launched COVID-19 tracking app called Aarogya Setu for the citizens to make them learn about measures being taken up to fight the virus. Meanwhile, there are also other apps developed by the state governments for coronavirus. A lot of the apps also helps us to go for a self-assessment test to know about his/her medical condition. These are available on the play store.

Here is the list of apps launched by the government to spread awareness and provide accurate information about the coronavirus cases in the state and country...

Aarogya Setu:

Aarogya Setu is launched by the union government and is available in 11 languages. To use the application you need to register using your mobile number. It also needs Bluetooth and location access to function.


T COVID'19 app has been launched by the Telangana government recently for the people and government officials to provide accurate information on coronavirus. The app includes self-assessment test, government announcements, precautionary guidelines and more.

COVID-19 monitoring system app:

The app is also launched by the Telangana government as the country's first automated COVID-19 monitoring system app. The app helps to identify, undertake live surveillance, track, monitor and provide real-time analytics to the Chief Minister and the health department.

COVA Punjab:

The app is developed by the Punjab government that provides information about real-time coronavirus cases, measures, preventions and other latest updates related to coronavirus.

Corona Kavach:

This app is of its kind, apart from information related to coronavirus pandemics such as new cases, deaths and cured cases. It also gives a real-time location of coronavirus infected people. It is developed by Union ministry of electronics and information technology in association with the ministry of health and family welfare.


The app is developed by the Maharashtra government for both contact tracing and quarantine tracking. Not available on the play store and also provides little information.

Test yourself Goa:

The app is developed by the Goa government and is primarily used to test yourself i.e, you can go through the self-assessment test. It is available on Google play store.

Test yourself Puducherry:

It is similar to the above app and is developed by the Puducherry government. The app functions in the same way as Test yourself Goa.

COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor - Tamil Nadu:

The app has been developed by the Tamil Nadu government so as to make sure that the citizens under home quarantine. The users need to log in with Tamil Nadu registered mobile number.

Quarantine Watch:

The app is similar to Tamil Nadu's COVID-19 app developed by the Karnataka government.

Corona Watch:

The app is also developed by the Karnataka government and helps to keep a track on coronavirus-affected patients and their movement history of 14 days. The app also has a map that shows spots visited by people who were later tested positive for coronavirus and area where citizens are under house quarantine.

COVID19 Feedback:

It is launched by the Central government to fight coronavirus in India. The app takes feedback from people who have undergone treatments.

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