Bank may issue Pension Slips via WhatsApp: Government

Pension Slips via WhatsApp

Pension Slips via WhatsApp


Pension slips were restricted to only SMS and email, the concerned department will send the pension slips via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become part of life for many people, but another important feature will soon be added to it that will make it penetrate even more deeply into people's lives. In short, you will be more dependant on WhatsApp. The latest update targeting WhatsApp and your smartphone concerns money, to be precise - pensions. The government has ordered to deliver pension slips to retirees through WhatsApp. Till now, it was restricted to only SMS and email, the concerned department will send the pension slips via WhatsApp. For sure it will be easier to access when compared to email, and nowadays one uses SMS anymore. Since most people use WhatsApp in any case, that is where they will get this service.

This is happening at the urging of the Center, which ordered banks to use social media apps like WhatsApp along with SMS and email to inform retirees that their pension has been credited to their account. The order of the Department of Pensions and Pensioners' Welfare says:"Banks may also use social media apps WhatsApp etc in addition to SMS and email".

The government order added, "Accordingly, all pension disbursing banks should issue pension slip to pensioners after credit of pension on their registered mobile numbers through SMS and email (wherever available) also".

Pensioners need the breakup of the monthly pension about the payment of income tax, dearness relief payments and DR arrears among others, according to the order.

The pension slip must provide the complete detail of the monthly pension paid along with the breakdown of the credited amount and the tax deductions, etc., if any, concluded.

So when it comes to retirees, this is definitely a very important feature that will ensure they keep a close eye on their WhatsApp accounts, in addition to, of course, chatting with family and friends.

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