Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 to Get Updated; Find Date and Features

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 to Get Updated; Find Date and Features

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 to Get Updated; Find Date and Features


The BGMI 1.6 update release date is approaching and users will gain access to a variety of new additions, features, and improvements to the game. Here you can find the specifications about the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India update 1.6.

BGMI 1.6 Update Release Date: The popular Battle Royale Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) game has quickly replaced the currently banned PUBG Mobile in India, competing with bigger titles like Garena Free Fire. Recently released for iOS devices as well, BGMI has been receiving updates for both Android and iOS that have improved various aspects of the new game, in addition to fixing game-related bugs. Now an upcoming update, also known as the BGMI 1.6 update, is set to add new weapons, new game modes, and other game-enhancing features. Here's all you need to know about the release date of the BGMI 1.6 update, which is expected to hit the game.

New Features and Release Date Changes for BGMI 1.6 Update - With Battlegrounds Mobile India Update 1.6, Krafton is bringing back all older game modes, meaning players should have access to eight game modes. In the meantime, the game should get an update, thanks to the addition of a new Show Route feature, which allows users to see other players around them.

As part of Battlegrounds Mobile India Update 1.6, the developer brings a new game mode coming to Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok. Called Flora Menace, the new game mode will bring features like Life Barrier, Dynahex Supply, and Zillon Matrix to the game, while adding new weapons. Players can take advantage of the upgraded vehicles, while the training grounds will offer unlimited ammo, which makes sense as users can better prepare without having to worry about restocking.

BGMI 1.6 Update Release Date: According to Krafton, the next BGMI 1.6 update is expected to arrive between September 16-19. This means that once the update is rolled out, players should be able to take advantage of all the new features, additions, and improvements mentioned above, as soon as they see an update on the Google Play Store or App Store. Users can stay tuned to know more about the next update, and we will update it once the BGMI 1.6 update is officially released.

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