CES 2022: Sony's Electric SUV, PlayStation VR 2; Dell XPS 13 Plus, and More

CES 2022

CES 2022


At CES in Las Vegas, the first day of CES 2022 was packed with everything from Samsung's $ 899 portable projector, Dell's futuristic XPS 13 Plus, to amazement from Sony.

At CES in Las Vegas, the first day of CES 2022 was hectic. First, Sony revealed the name of the next-generation virtual reality system on the world's most extensive technology program. Next, the Japanese tech giant announced that it would begin marketing its electric vehicles as part of a new division called Sony Mobility Inc. Samsung showed off its new Freestyle projector. At the CES 2022, we also saw some big announcements from Intel, AMD, Dell, Asus, and other companies.

Alienware, Asus ROG, and Nvidia Announce New Products:

A new lineup of laptops and graphics cards from Asus ROG, Dell Alienware, and Nvidia was shown at CES 2022. Of the many new laptops Asus announced at CES, the Flow Z13 stood out the most. It is essentially a gaming tablet that packs a powerful CPU and a discrete GPU in a 13-inch design. It also works with Asus' base eGPU. In addition, Nvidia also announced new graphics cards aimed at desktop and mobile gamers.

Sony Confirms PlayStation VR 2:

Sony announced PlayStation VR 2 is the official name for its next-generation VR headset. Sony shared details about the head-mounted display, including the name of the controllers - Sense Controllers, which offer features like haptic feedback. No images, prices, or release dates were shared. Holidays of 2022 may be the release date for PlayStation VR 2, which will work with PlayStation 5.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector:

Samsung unveiled a projector that incorporates a smart speaker, a smart TV, and a lamp. The projector is suitable for projecting the video from 30 inches to 100 inches. It has a similar user interface and apps as Samsung's 2022 smart TVs, bringing it closer to a smart TV. The projector will be available to pre-order in the US this week at $ 899.

Dell XPS 13 Plus:

The launch of the XPS 13 Plus is scheduled for spring 2022. The XPS 13, one of the highly-rated ultraportable laptops in the market. At CES 2022, Dell debuted the XPS 13 Plus, a futuristic laptop with a completely new design and power. From the outside, the XPS 13 Plus resembles the XPS 13. Although Dell hasn't revealed full specs, we know it will have a 28-watt 12th Gen Intel processor.

Sony's Electric SUV:

Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida showed off a new prototype of its Vision S electric car concept. It's a battery-powered SUV. With that, Sony will start a new division, Sony Mobility Inc, which will begin marketing its electric vehicles. The Japanese conglomerate said Sony Mobility "will aim to make the best use of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies." Apple also reportedly wants to enter the EV market as early as 2024.

Intel, AMD Reveal Latest Processors:

At CES 2022, Intel and AMD both announced new processors. Intel's 12th generation mobile processors more powerful and are faster. However, these new CPUs will be the same size. There are three primary variants in the clan, including the enthusiast-grade H-series processors, the P-series that is aimed at slim-performance laptops, and the U-series for modern, lightweight ones. Meanwhile, AMD introduced the new Ryzen 6000 series processors. These new processors are based on the 6nm Zen 3+ core architecture and include AMD RDNA 2 on-chip graphics.

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