Gaksung launches launches its premium product 'Ultra Beam' in India

Gaksung launches launches its premium product Ultra Beam in India

The World Leader in Alternative Healthcare Introduces Revolutionary LLLT Product to Cure Health Ailments and Treat Cancer

New Delhi: GAKSUNG GLOBAL, one of the leading companies in the wellness industry with headquarter in Cheonan, South Korea, launches 'Ultra Beam' – a special low-level LEDs therapeutic device in India. In a nation, where, as per the WHO 60% of deaths are attributed to NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases), Ultra Beam is projected to be a life-saving healthcare device helping patients with speedy recovery and added health benefits.

The LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) based Ultra Beam helps in killing cancerous cells and destroying lumps from the body. This avant-garde product also eliminates osteoarthritis, nerve pain, muscle spasm, chronic and acute pain, and skin infections. This stimulates the functioning of CNS (Central Nervous System) and also removes toxins from the body. Ultra Beam is also proved to improve the immune system and blood circulation in the body by facilitating regenerating of new good cells.

Low-Level Laser Therapy and Korean Therapeutic Massage have become possible in India now with the entrance of a range of healthcare products from Gaksung, leading to the betterment of healthcare and wellness with world-class technology equipment. In India, GAKSUNG is providing Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with the combination of Thermal therapy which is highly accepted and appreciated in European and many other countries.

Excited with the launch, Mr. Ali Asif, Managing Director, Gaksung World, said, "LLLT has become a synergistic approach in alternative healthcare ensuring the best treatment for all kinds of diseases and health issues. From Musculoskeletal, Cancer, and Brain Injuries to the treatment of tuberculosis, mucositis, migraine, and hair loss, our wide range of LLLT based products have established a successful treatment record. With Ultra Beam, we aim to help individuals, communities, clinics, and hospitals to help treat patients and also to speed up the recovery process."

"We are also associated with AIIMS and have organized numerous workshops, seminars, and events for awareness of alternative healthcare. GAKSUNG also provides free usage of its healthcare equipment to needy people at its 50+ centers across India. We thrive to serve society with best health technology." Mr. Asif added.

GAKSUNG products are presently being used in the Neurology Department at KGMC hospital in Lucknow, and many other renowned hospitals as well. The company is also providing free of cost therapy to the Indian families regardless of their religious, socioeconomic status.

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