Google introduces .meme domain; Find details

Google introduces .meme domain; Find details

Google introduces the .meme domain, a new online space dedicated to all things meme-related, intending to become a hub for viral sensations on the Internet.

Google just did something cool. They created a new place on the Internet called a .meme domain. It's like a special zone for all the fun, interesting, and relatable things called memes. These are those images or videos that everyone loves and shares online. In a movement celebrating the Internet's beloved memes, a new top-level domain has emerged: .meme. This new online space will become the hub for all things meme-related, bringing together a variety of websites dedicated to these viral internet sensations.

This week marked the start of .meme domains, with Google Registry featuring six partners, including some purr-worthy cat-themed sites, who have staked their claim: Know Your Meme, a go-to place to stay up to date on the latest meme trends, introduced its new homes at and These sites promise to keep a pulse on the ever-evolving world of Internet culture.

Fashion and lifestyle giant 10PM Curfew also joined in, fusing style, cultural vibes and funny memes on their and websites, creating an intriguing mix of fashion and humour. Artist Rudy Willingham shared a space on where printable meme stickers are available so anyone can bring these internet jokes into the real world. Other players like License.Meme, a major hub for licensing famous memes, and, which offers guidance to brands on meme-based content strategies, has also joined the .meme revolution.

Tenor, which specializes in GIFs and memes, introduced and to simplify the discovery and creation of memes, allowing everyone to express themselves through these quirky internet sensations. And let's not forget the feline stars of the Internet! Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Nyan Cat have found their forever homes in,, and respectively, capturing the essence of cat-themed memes.

As of now, .meme domains are available during an Early Access Period (EAP), with rates varying each day until December 5th. After this period, these domains will be available at an annual base price through various registrars. This new internet domain aims to be a playground for meme enthusiasts, allowing them to share relatable moments, capture complex feelings, revel in randomness, or even spark social movements using these internet phenomena.

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