Microsoft's xCloud is available on iPhone, Android, PCs, with 100 plus Xbox games

Microsofts xCloud is available on iPhone, Android, PCs, with 100 plus Xbox games

Microsoft's xCloud is available on iPhone, Android, PCs, with 100 plus Xbox games


Microsoft's xCloud is now available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. And it comes with 100 Xbox games to get you started.

Microsoft has made its xCloud service available on iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC, etc. On Monday, the company announced that the cloud gaming service had started rolling out to supported devices, so if your device meets the hardware requirements for xCloud, you can play Xbox games on it with the Xbox Game subscription Pass Ultimate, of course. Until now, xCloud has been an invite-only service, and Microsoft has rolled out it in 22 countries.

Will you be able to play all Xbox games now? Basically yes. Since cloud games do not require specific hardware, many devices can access it and the games. You can play Xbox games on browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc., and also on Macs. However, these games will need to be part of the cloud games category under the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It is also compatible with iPhone and iPad, and you can access xCloud through the Safari browser. When it comes to game controls, Microsoft says players will have the option to choose between a controller or touch controls.

Catherine Gluckstein, vice president and chief product officer, Xbox Cloud Gaming, said in an announcement, "With billions of active Windows 10 PCs, iOS devices, and Android phones, we want you to have new opportunities to play the deepest, most immersive games whenever and wherever you choose. Simply put, we're bringing the Xbox experience directly to the devices you use most."

As this service is implemented, there are around 100 games available to play, and you can use touch controls or play with Bluetooth or USB controllers. Microsoft mentioned in the announcement that xCloud games are powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware, so gamers will be able to stream 1080p games at up to 60fps, but of course, you need an excellent internet connection for this. The company recommends at least 10 Mbps with a frequency of 5 GHz to better play xCloud games. Streaming is limited to a maximum resolution of 1080p for now, but Microsoft has said they will add more features so that we may get 4K at 60fps in the future.

Microsoft's xCloud gaming service is not yet available in India, but the company is expected to implement it in the future, as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available here.

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