SBI customers beware of this latest online banking fraud

SBI customers beware of this latest online banking fraud

SBI debit and credit card users, beware of this latest online banking fraud.

With the rise of online bank fraud, scammers target clients of the State Bank of India (SBI) in an attempt to trick them into disclosing their confidential bank details. Scams such as the use of ATM cards and the exchange of mobile SIM cards have already tricked many users across India. Now, there is a new scam in the form of vishing. The fraud is completely done through a call and before the victim realizes, his money is gone. Because the SBI is the largest bank in India, scammers guess that the victim would have at least one active SBI account to continue with their agenda. Keep in mind that this scam can be easily replicated for other banks as well.

All you need to know about this new bank scam is here:

1. Somebody will call you claiming he is an SBI or another bank representative

2. He will verify your details like name, date of birth and mobile number to make it look like an official call from the bank

3. The caller will scare you by saying your SBI debit/credit card will get blocked if you don't do as told

4. The caller might ask you to upgrade your card to new debit/credit card

5. Then the caller will ask for your customer ID or debit/credit card details to help you solve 'some problem'

6. The caller will then ask bank account details to proceed with a particular request that you made

7. Then he will ask you to verify the service by sharing the OTP that you got on your phone

8. The entire process of a vishing call is to hijack your online bank account and take away your money

9. Mostly, to make the transaction difficult to trace money is transferred to remote accounts in different states or countries

10. The call is made from what appears to be a landline number. Sometimes, a mobile number is also used

11. Remember, none of the original bank representatives from any bank will ask for your personal details over calls. In case of any issues, they will simply ask you to visit the nearest bank branch

12. If you receive any such calls, never entertain them. Tell the caller that you will visit the bank yourself to check if there is any problem

13. Never share your banking details like card number, login-in IDs, CVV or ATM pin to anyone for whatever reasons

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