Banjara Hills: Anything but a Japanese Park

Banjara Hills: The idea was good but implementation has gone for a toss. The garden that opened in 2016 is anything but a Japanese Garden. Such gardens the world over are known for features such as streams, bridges, ponds and rock formations but the garden is in a sorry state with the bridge broken and the water in the pond filled with moss.

Opposite to KBR Park in Banjara Hills, the Japanese Park is untidy and smells. A shed collapsed a few weeks ago which has not been replaced. Spread over 3,500 square yards, in spite of its present condition, has quite a few visitors. On an average, 800-1,000 people visit the park every day. It is open between 6 am to 10 am and 4 to 6 pm. Roja, a regular visitor says, "When it rains there is no place to take shelter."

A small pond decorated like an island inside the park is filled with dust, and contaminated water emits foul smell. It had 2,000 trees of 20 different varieties in the past, now it left with a few. Dried shrubs are all that is visible.

A pathway that was created is in shambles and the 12 lanterns that were supposed to run on solar energy are defunct. The park was developed at a cost of Rs 80 lakh.

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