Education dept struggles with staff shortages in RR dist

Education dept struggles with staff shortages in RR dist

Currently, only nine Mandal Education Officers (MEO) oversee 27 mandals in the district, with each mandal comprising 40 schools

Rangareddy: In Rangareddy district, the education department is grappling with significant challenges stemming from staff shortages, particularly in the positions of Mandal Education Officers (MEOs). Despite claims by people's representatives and leaders regarding the enhancement of education and facilities in government schools, critical positions remain unfilled, causing strain on the existing workforce.

Currently, the responsibility of supervising schools and teachers falls primarily on MEOs, many of whom are tasked with overseeing three or four mandals each. This distribution of responsibilities, implemented post-district redistribution, has resulted in an overwhelming workload for MEOs, hindering their ability to fulfill their duties effectively. With only nine MEOs appointed to oversee 27 mandals in Rangareddy district, the severity of the situation becomes apparent.

The logistical challenges faced by MEOs are substantial, given the sheer number of schools, teachers, and students under their purview. Each mandal typically comprises 30 to 40 schools with approximately 100 to 150 teachers and several thousand students. Attempting to monitor and supervise such a vast network with limited resources poses a formidable task for MEOs. To alleviate some of the burden, cluster schools have been established within each mandal, with respective Headmasters entrusted with certain responsibilities. However, the core oversight and management duties still rest on the shoulders of MEOs. The logistical complexities are further exacerbated when MEOs are required to attend to multiple mandals simultaneously, leading to inevitable gaps in supervision and coordination.

In response to these challenges, voices within the education sector, including teachers and parents, are calling for urgent action from government authorities. They emphasize the critical need to address the staffing shortages by appointing MEOs for each mandal, thereby ensuring more equitable distribution of responsibilities and effective governance.

Kishtareddy, an in-charge MEO for Kondurgu mandal, echoes these sentiments, highlighting the practical difficulties faced in managing multiple mandals single-handedly. The demand for additional MEO appointments remains a pressing concern, with stakeholders advocating for swift government intervention to mitigate the strain on existing education department officials.

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