Food inspectors crack down on unhealthy eateries in Khammam

Food inspectors crack down on unhealthy eateries in Khammam

  • Total fine worth Rs 40,000 levied on various restaurants, hotels
  • Dead flies, toxic colours, expired items, fungal infested ice-creams, and more horrors uncovered

Bhadrachalam: Continuingtheir crackdown on eateries and restaurants, special teams of food safety inspectors made their pitstop in Bhadrachalam on Monday during which multiple violations where observed at various eateries.

During the surprise inspections, inspectors discovered alarming conditions at several hotels in the temple town. There was presence of dead flies in idlis, toxic colours used in food preparation, and foul-smelling, fungal-infested ice cream.

The Sri Bhadra Grand Hotel, Sri Gautami Spice Hole, and Sri Raghavendra Tiffin and Meals Hotel were notably found to be in severe violation of food safety standards.

Zonal Food Safety Officer Jyotirmayi was particularly angry upon discovering 88 liters of ice cream worth Rs36,000 at the Sri Bhadra Grand Hotel, which was contaminated and emitted a mud-like odour. The tainted ice cream was destroyed.

Warnings were issued for the use of hazardous substances in food preparation, a direct violation of the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA). Moreover, 10 kg of coloured biryani was seized and destroyed, with the offending establishment fined Rs10,000.

At Sri Gautami Spice Hole, inspectors found meals being prepared in filthy conditions with the presence of worms and flies. The owner was fined Rs25,000 and received a legal notice for maintaining unsanitary storage conditions.

Further inspections revealed that Sri Raghavendra Tiffin and Meals was selling food contaminated with dead flies, soot in idli flour, and clay debris from the ceiling. The unsanitary practices posed a significant health risk to patrons.

District Food Inspector R Kiran Kumar and Zonal Officer V. Jyotirmayi led the operation, with participation from food inspectors V Neelima and P. Swathi.

The crackdown extended to Khammam, where similar inspections were conducted at renowned hotels, resulting in the seizure of various contaminated food items.

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