Hyderabad: BJP demands Health Minister Eatala Rajender's scalp

K Krishna Saagar Rao
K Krishna Saagar Rao

BJP chief spokesperson alleges that TRS government under CM K Chandrashekar Rao’s leadership has been manipulating Covid-19


Hyderabad: BJP chief spokesperson demanded the resignation of State's Health Minister Eatala Rajender for endangering the entire population of the State by intentionally conducting the lowest number of tests than any other state in the country, with the proportionate population.

In a statement here on Tuesday, TS BJP chief spokesperson, K Krishna Saagar Rao said that the Health Minister has not only underperformed during this massive health crisis, but, also willfully misled the people of the state, opposition and media by claiming the state was testing as per ICMR guidelines. That apart, the health department was also not reporting the test data regularly as mandated by ICMR in the daily bulletins for many weeks.

This stands vindicated of the BJP that TRS government under CM K Chandrashekar Rao's leadership has been manipulating Covid-19 infection rate in the state since the beginning. It was more so, after the second week of April. He said the lowest number of deaths being reported by Telangana government is a complete farce and a dangerous deviation from ethical governance standards to paint an illusionary rosy picture of the State in comparison to its counterparts in the country.

He said, "As of May 15 Telangana State government has only conducted 22,842 tests, while small states like Chattisgarh and Assam has conducted disproportionately more tests". Further, the Central Health Ministry data clearly establishes that while Andhra Pradesh conducts 9,000 tests per day on an average, Telangana's total is just around 200 per day. While the all-India testing average was 1,025 per million population, the figure for Telangana is only 546.

In the border states with almost similar size of population, Tamil Nadu has tested over 3,00,000 and Andhra Pradesh has tested over 1,75,000 cases, he said.

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