Hyderabad: Cybercrime shoots up by more than 50 %, overall crime rate reduces by 10%

Cybercrime shoots up by more than 50 %, overall crime rate reduces by 10%

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Cops believe coronavirus scare has contributed to the tally


Hyderabad: The Commissioner of Police, Anjani Kumar, on Wednesday presented the crime record for the first half of 2020. In comparison to previous year records the crime rate has reduced by a meagre 101 cases whereas the point to ponder for citizens is that cybercrime has increased as 500 more cases were registered in 2020.

An officer from CCS on condition of anonymity said that, the reason for increase in the number of cybercrime cases is mostly being believed due to Coronavirus.

He added, "The cyber criminals have mostly targeted on the fears of people due to Coronavirus, also the number of cyber stalking cases have increased. It is not surprising to notice that the cybercrime is increasing day by day due to the Coronavirus and the fear which citizens have about it."

Also, the number of rowdy sheet cases was increased in all zones i.e., south zone, east zone, west zone, north and central zone. 50 new rowdy sheets were opened against rowdy sheeters in south zone whereas 18 old cases were closed. 20 new rowdy sheets were opened in west zone and 2 were closed. 25 new rowdy sheets were opened in central zone and 1 was closed. 11 new rowdy sheets were opened in east zone and 5 were closed. 39 new rowdy sheets were opened in north zone and 4 were closed.

Overall, the conviction rate also reduced compared to the first half of 2019, as 887 were convicted in the first half of 2019 whereas only 450 were convicted in 2020. The Commissioner opined that, the reduction in conviction this year could be due to Coronavirus as the courts were closed. He further added, "We are striving hard to improve the law and order and to reduce the crime in the city and it is also the responsibility of citizens to alert the police if they find anything happening in the society."

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