Hyderabad Lok Sabha Constituency: Congress smells huge voter fraud in ‘electoral rolls’

Hyderabad Lok Sabha Constituency: Congress smells huge voter fraud in ‘electoral rolls’

6.64 lakh bogus or duplicate votes in Hyd parliamentary constituency

Hyderabad: While pointing out that despite the claims of the Election Commission of cleansing the voter list, 6.64 lakh bogus or duplicate voters still existed in the electoral rolls of Hyderabad Parliamentary constituency, Congress leader Md Feroz Khan demanded that the election authorities ‘purify them’ before election notification comes for Lok Sabha polls.

The Congress party’s contestant from Nampally, who lost with a low margin of votes of just over 2,000, once again reiterated that he has lost only because of the ‘bogus votes’. With the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, he has decided to reveal the ‘real picture’ of the Hyderabad segment, which consists of Malakpet, Karwan, Goshamahal, Charminar, Chandrayangutta, Yakutpura, and Bahadurpura with 22 lakh voters.

Atypical data on voters shows 1,74,990 ‘single voters’

Feroz Khan, the PCC general secretary who gathered the data from the GHMC and District Electoral Officer, found the information peculiar and raised doubts over the claims of officials that the ‘cleansing process’ involved the removal of dead, duplicate, and shifted voters. The ‘single voters’ (only one voter at a particular house address) account for a total of 1,74,990 under the Parliamentary constituency. In contrast, 680 houses have more than 50 registered voters, accounting for 53,991 voters.

“When there are more than six family members, it is a norm that BLO personally visits and verifies the place. But this did not happen. Can you believe that in 680 houses there are 53,991 voters under the category of more than 50 voters?,” Feroz Khan wondered. Similarly, there are a total of 2,88,956 ‘shifted voters’, 15,025 ‘dead voters’, 23,045 ‘non-standard house numbers’, and over 22 lakh voters in ‘un-assessed house numbers’. The non-standard house numbers are those numbers that have the wrong numbers as their door numbers, i.e., voter ID number in the house number, invalid door number, and ward number.

“After proper inquiry from our BLAs and Booth captains, we got to know that more than 15,000 were deceased. These voters need to be deleted as per the guidelines of the ECI, but GHMC, under political influence from local leadership, is neglecting the matter. It is our humble request to the election authorities to start the verification immediately and delete the bogus or duplicate voters from the voter list for ensuring free and fair elections with a purified electoral roll for upcoming elections,” the leader demanded.

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