Karimnagar: Social media deciding fate of netas and their parties

Karimnagar: Social media deciding fate of netas and their parties

  • A post on social media in favor or against a neta or a party can either lead to victory or throw it out of gear
  • Politicos are now ready to shell out to set up social media teams or social media wings ahead of elections
  • Social media is now used as a weapon for babus to target their oppositions

Karimnagar : A major party State president has admitted that social media was partially responsible for his party’s defeat. Moreover, there are instances in which the respective parties have been successful in social media campaigns in the past assembly elections of various states.

It is a fact that social media can influence the survival of political parties as well as candidates’ wins and losses. Due to some posts on social media, the public opinion about the party and the candidates changes from time to time. If social media increases the graph of one party, it can damage another party in the same range.

If the credibility of the posts on social media is kept aside, most of them are believed to be true. As a result, political parties are widely using social media to conduct campaigns along with traditional methods.

Today elections are defined by social media. That is why newspapers have also started digital and smart editions, needless to say, web news. Social media has a special role in 2024 elections than in 2019 parliamentary elections. It has created a new wave in the campaign by introducing new technology from time to time.

Whether it is propaganda, criticism or election promises, voters can be swayed from home. When it comes to Karimnagar Parliament, BJP’s candidate Bandi Sanjay Kumar introduced the social media teams in the last election and campaigned.

Similarly, the BRS candidate Boinapally Vinod Kumar set up social media teams as well. They were also given special training.

After Bandi Sanjay’s defeat in the assembly, social media teams were formed before the parliamentary elections and a conference was organised under the name of Social Media Warriors. Now the warriors of these two candidates are struggling with their posing while Congress is lagging behind.

Parties have also set up special social media wings. These wings are trying to get mileage for the party by posting all the party activities and campaign details on social media. BRS Working President KTR, BJP National General Secretary, Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay, MIM Chief, MP Asaduddin, BJP State Chief Kishan Reddy are all active on social media.

Unable to learn technology, some leaders are taking the help of consultants. At present, MP candidates have specially formed social media teams. As the packages are offered it has become a way of employment to youths.

Parties and candidates are hiring special social media teams to target opponents and promote on their behalf.

No party is hesitating to spend crores for campaigning candidates. Digital political marketing agencies are hiring according to demand. The campaign is being carried on exclusively and indirectly. Almost everyone has smart phones now. This is now making it easy to reach the voters.

Promotion with social media is a trend now from galli to Delhi. The news coming on that social media is under Election Commission Surveillance Special Committee Social Media. Actions will be taken if rules are violated, provocative postings are made or religious hatred is provoked.

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