Lack of facilities at Kodangal bus stand irks commuters

Kodangal: The commuters boarding RTC buses from Kodangal bus stand are marred with various problems and issues, as the RTC authorities have completely failed to provide basic facilities like drinking water, proper seating arrangements and shelter to the public at the bus stand.

Apart from basic facilities, the bus stand is situated beside unhygienic surroundings like open overflowing drains and toilets in pathetic conditions. As the toilets near the bus stand were not maintained, people are seen defecating in the open. The area surrounding bus stand premises has become breeding ground for dreadful disease.

While expressing concern, MIM mandal In-charge Mohammad Gulshan, who visited the bus stand premises and inspected the toilets and drinking water facilities on Friday said, "the RTC authorities are paying thousands of rupees to the contractors to maintain the toilets and for providing drinking water facilities and to keep the bus stand premises clean and neat. But what we are observing here in Kodangal is completely different.

The RTC officials have miserably failed in providing basic facilities like seats, drinking water and toilets at the bus stand. Moreover, the entire area is stinking with open drainages overflowing and people defecating in the open which has become a breading hub for disease causing insects like mosquitoes and flies. People fear to enter the bus stand. We are demanding that the RTC mend its ways, or else we will be forced to launch an agitation at the RTC management."

The MIM leader also contacted the RTC depo manager at Tandur and enquired about what action is being taken for restoring the bus stand. "Over past 5 years the RTC is paying lakhs of Rupees for maintenance of toilets and providing facilities like drinking water to the public, but what we are seeing here is people facing tough time and fearing to enter the bus stand," a commuter said.

At present, the RTC runs many buses to Kodangal from Tandur, Mahbubnagar, Vikarabad, Hyderabad and even from Karnataka State. Even though every day thousands are using this bus stand, the RTC management is acting indifferent by taking no steps to maintain the bus stand.

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