Luxury Car Ceased in the Malakpet Area- Car imported in Diplomat's Name

Representative image only

Representative image only


  • Expensive car ceased, it was brought illegally
  • Officials are on look-out to cease cars brought illegally

On Monday, in Malakpet area, Hyderabad, Directorate of Revenue intelligence (DRI) officials, ceased expensive Nissan petrol car. The above car belonged to a successful Hyderabad businessman. The officials believe, many people residing in the Hyderabad have brought expensive cars illegally.

Mumbai, DRI officials arrested 3 individuals in a luxury car smuggling racket, these individuals managed to evade paying high custom duties by importing the cars using the privileges, which were meant for diplomats.

The news is, Hyderabad big shots are also connected with this case, with the tip off, the Hyderabad DRI officials, ceased the Nissan petrol car.

During the last few years, nearing to 50 expensive cars have reached the Mumbai port and officials suspect that, these cars were mostly sold to those individuals who are living in Hyderabad. The officials are trying to locate the car owners as well as cars, to cease the cars and to take legal action against the car owners.

Mostly the cost of the expensive cars are above one crore, and they are usually brought by politicians, businessmen and actors. The officials are tracking, the expensive cars brought by these individuals, and in the investigation, if they find they have taken the help of this Mumbai group to evade the custom duties, firstly, they would cease those expensive cars and secondly cases would be filed against them, for evading custom duties.

If someone is interested in buying foreign cars, they would be required to pay nearing to 204% of custom duties. But if someone holds the diplomat position, they need not pay the custom duties. By knowing the above loop hole, two individuals opened a company, wherein the customers can export high end expensive cars, without paying custom duties. The company has been using the diplomat's name and they were also creating false documents and placing the orders to foreign nations on behalf of diplomats.

The Mumbai DRI officials got tip off from reliable sources and they started keeping an eye over the above company. A car was booked in the name of the diplomat, belonging to an African nation, who is living in Delhi, the official knew the car would reach the Mumbai port and were ready to conduct an operation to arrest those individuals who were involved in this racket.

The car reached the Mumbai port, as the officials believed it was again moved to a car showroom in Andheri. Then later, they sold the car to private individuals.

The foreign cars, brought were registered in remote RTO office located in Manipur. This group is aware, by doing so they would help the customers save more than 1 crore and in turn would also get good profits, hence from few years; they are doing such illegal activities, which are against the national interest, as tax evasion would lead to underdevelopment of the nation.

The above group is very well aware to order car in the name of diplomats they would be required to submit some essential documents, hence they created fake documents and placed an order using those documents. This group also had an tie-up with Indian resident living in the UAE, he was also one of the mastermind behind the group, without his assistance, it would have not been possible to conduct such illegal activities.

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