Nizamabad: Doctors in difference may make government hospital defunct

Nizamabad: The doctors at Nizamabad Government Hospital are reportedly marring the government's aim of providing better treatment to the patients in need. They are allegedly diverting patients to either private hospitals or to Hyderabad without providing treatment at the government hospital. Their negligence and apathy is not limited to patients but also extended to the hospital staff, when they are sick.

Kiran, who has been working as a ward boy at Nizamabad Government Hospital for many years, has to undergo a spleen operation. Kiran, resident of Gayatri Nagar, Nizamabad, accidentally fell from the roof of his house on September 9 this year. He was taken to the government hospital with serious injuries. Doctors took x- ray and conducted scanning and other tests at the hospital and found that his ribs were broken and bleeding from spleen. Instead of treating him at the hospital, they suggested Kiran's family members to take him to a private hospital or to Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad, as they couldn't do the surgery here. Kiran was rushed to Hyderabad. But there have been many cases of spleen-related surgeries in the same hospital in the past.

The hospital staff had criticised the doctors' attitude in Kiran's case, telling his relatives to shift him to Hyderabad, despite the possibility of doing the surgery here.

Tests for pregnant women coming to the government hospital are also done through a private laboratory. Of late, HIV, Thyroid, and LFT tests for pregnant women are increasing. The staff of private lab are directly going into the government hospital and taking blood samples.

A pregnant woman, resident of Gautam Nagar in Nizamabad, alleged that it has been a quid pro quo between the doctors and laboratory owners. She further said that the doctors and lab owners together robbed Rs 12,000 worth of maternity reward for lactation in the name of tests.

Meanwhile, dengue and viral fever cases are on the rise in the present rainy season. There are two platelet counting machines in the hospital and one of them is not working. There are allegations that the platelet counting machine is being sent to private laboratories under the pretext of repairing. There is an urgent need for the higher authorities to respond be- fore the hospital becomes completely defunct.

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