Ramannapet: Treasure found in agriculture field

Treasure found in agriculture field

Treasure found in agriculture field


  • A box and a pottery full of gold and silver were found by the labourers
  • But the dispute cropped up between the brothers on distribution of the treasure
  • Unable to decide the share they handed over the treasure to the police

Ramannapet( Yadadri-Bhongir) : Hidden treasure found in the field of a farmer in Kunkudupamula village of Ramannapeta mandal in the district came to light recently.

According to credible information, a pottery and a small iron box were found a week ago while boundaries were being erected at Kanneboina Mallaiah's farm in Kunkudupamula village.

As many as 38 silver coins, 5 silver straps and 14 silver rings (broken) were found in the pottery. The iron box contained 19 gold coins and five gold balls uses in mangliks ( mangala sutras).

It may be noted that Urdu words were inscribed on the silver coins.

Mallaiah shared his field boundaries with his younger brother Lingaiah's field.

The labourers who came for sowing in the field tried to pick up coins but dropped the idea when one of the woman labourers stated that he would face problems if any one touched the coins.

Mallaiah hid the treasure found in the farm in a heap of manure located near his house.

Upon learning of this, his brother lingaiah demanded for share as secret treasure was found at their common boundary.

Brothers were advised to take equal share of treasure, when they approached a village elder for justice after completion of sowing works in their agriculture field.

The two siblings had differences while sharing the hidden- treasure.

With this, Mallaiah on Thursday handed over the hidden treasures found in his farm to the Ramannapeta police.

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