Rising Covid-19 deaths spark concern in Telangana

Rising Covid-19 deaths spark concern in TelanganaRising Covid-19 deaths spark concern in Telangana

  • June, July seem to be even more risky as people could be affected by seasonal change and possible outbreak of malaria, dengue
  • Health Minister appeals to people to get themselves tested early

Hyderabad: Corona deaths are on the rise in Telangana and are close to half-century mark. Eleven deaths have been registered in the last three days alone even as fresh cases continue to surge. 25 per cent of State's total deaths of 45 due to deadly virus have occurred between May 18 and 21 alone.

Some patients are dying within 12 to 24 hours after admission to Gandhi hospital also.

Health Minister Eatala Rajender appealed to the people to get tested early so that if virus infection is there in the body it could be detected early and they could be put on treatment so that chances for recovery improve.

He said that some patients coming with cancer, kidney, heart-related issues have died in less than 12 hours even before Gandhi doctors could start treatment.

It is learnt all the five dead on Thursday were admitted less than a week ago and have died very early compared to other cases who fought hard despite co-morbidities and succumbed ultimately.

Upon State Health Department's directions, Gandhi hospital is analysing deaths of each Covid-19 patient who died in the hospital.

The causes of fresh deaths are yet to be declared but until the last analysed report until 34 deaths, only two of them were below 40 years.

In every 10 years age group category above 40 years, deaths have occurred. If we look at 40-49 years age group 5 patients have died, in 50-59 age group 9 patients died, in 60-69 age group 7 have died, in 70 to 79 age group 9 patients have died and in 80 to 89 age group 3 patients have died.

One underlying condition that health authorities found in their analysis of cause of deaths of first 25 Covid-19 patients in TS was that most of them had diabetes and hypertension issues which complicated their health further leading to death.

Few had died due to severe respiratory problems and some due to pneumonia. Even some cancer patients could not recover and passed away.

Dr Vijaybhaskar, a medical expert felt that deaths count is increasing as people are not contacting health officials early due to fear of isolation or treatment even when they get light symptoms and by the time they are reaching hospitals their condition is not so good and found to have shortness of breath in some cases.

As the viral load will be high recovery chances will decline further and this is being seen in fresh deaths.

He also sounded caution that in June and July cases of syndemic epidemic where people are at the risk of not only getting infected with Covid but malaria or dengue at the same time and it can be very fatal and deaths count would increase further when compared with the summer season.

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