Strict action if caught selling fake seeds: District SP Rohit Raju IPS

Strict action if caught selling fake seeds: District SP Rohit Raju IPS

District-wide special vigilance to prevent fake seedsStrict action if caught selling fake seeds: District SP Rohit Raju IPS

Kothagudem: Some miscreants sell fake seeds with the aim of deceiving innocent farmers. Some companies recycle expired seeds and make new ones. In a statement today, District SP Rohit Raju IPS said that a special vigil has been set up in coordination with the agricultural officials throughout the district to prevent the farmers from falling prey to fake seed gangs. Police to carry out inspectionsIt was informed that orders have been issued to the officials.

According to the orders of the state government and the Honorable DGP to sell good quality seeds to the farmers and put a heavy hand on those who supply fake and adulterated seeds, the officials from all over the district are vigilantly collecting information and taking strict action to prevent fake seeds. Farmers are preparing for monsoon cultivation.He said that they have come to their notice that some people are trying to sell fake seeds and as part of stopping them, several instructions are being given to the owners of seed shops in all the police stations of the district.

Those who supply fake seeds will be identified and a special surveillance will be organized and information will be collected and strict action will be taken against them as per the law.He informed that orders have been issued to the police officers to register cases and take strict action against the owners if they run the shops without licenses, if they do not maintain the harvesters in a proper manner, and if they sell fake seeds.

To ensure that the farmers get quality seeds, awareness programs have been conducted for the farmers in the area of ​​each police station to use the seeds from the government-licensed organizations. set upHe said that it will be done. Instead of transporting fake seeds from other areas to the district, check posts will be established in the border areas and surveillance will be established. Spot checks will be done to identify the areas and routes where illegal transportation takes place, and mobile check posts will be set up to prevent illegal transportation and supply of fake and adulterated seeds. Said.

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