Telangana High Court dismisses unemployed persons' plea as 'meritless'

Telangana High Court

Telangana High Court


The court imposes fine on 24 unemployed petitioners challenging regularisation of contract lecturers

Hyderabad: The High Court Division Bench headed by the Chief Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Bollam Vijaysen Reddy on Wednesday while hearing the writ petition filed by 24 unemployed persons, seeking a direction to the Telangana government not to regularise the services of all such employees who are working as lecturers in various degree and junior colleges spread across Telangana on "contract basis". Moreover, if the government regularises the services of such contract lecturers, these petitioners will not get an opportunity to get into government jobs as lecturers.

The Court, during the course of adjudication, made it clear that until and unless the petitioners impaled all such contract lecturers, working in various degree and junior colleges as Party Respondents to the Writ Petition, the court will not budge an inch in adjudication.

On a query from the Chief Justice bench to the counsel for the petitioners PV Krishnaiah, as to whether the State government has regularised service of any of the contractual lecturers.

Counsel for the petitioners PV Krishnaiah informed the bench that the State government is proposing to regularise the services of lecturers working on contract basis.

Chief Justice Hima Kohli irked over the petitioner's Counsel's contention dismissed the writ petition with costs, despite the fact that all the 24 petitioners are unemployed postgraduates.

While dismissing the writ petition, CJ Hima Kohli observed that this court is of the opinion that the present writ petition is a roaming and fishing enquiry at the instance of the court. Petitioners have filed this writ petition under assumptions that the State government would regularise services of contractual lecturers and further observed that the petitioners are building castles in the air.

The court imposed fine of Rs 10,000 on each of the 24 petitioners in the writ petition, who are all unemployed and challenging the regularisation of services of all such contract lecturers and dismissed it as "meritless".

Though, the court at the end of the hearing directed the petitioners to pay a cost of Rs 2,40,000, cost ( Rs.10,000 each X 24 petitioners), but going by the fact that all of them are unemployed, the Court showed some concern on them and reduced the cost to Rs 1,000 each, to be paid to the Telangana State Legal Services Authority within 2 weeks from the order being passed writ petition dismissed with costs.

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