Andhra Pradesh: Atchannaidu alleges bias in nominated posts

Andhra Pradesh TDP president Atchennaidu

Andhra Pradesh TDP president Atchennaidu


The TDP AP president says the CM has done ‘social justice’ to his own caste by bestowing posts to its members the corporations with funds Claims posts in corporations with no chairs were given to people from downtrodden sections Observes that 10,000 acre assigned lands have been snatched away from weaker sections in the name of house site pattas

Mangalagiri: TDP AP president K Atchannaidu on Wednesday expressed concern that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was bent on creating jobs for his own community and his party's politically unemployed leaders but not focusing on the larger interests of jobless youth and educated unemployed graduates.

Atchannaidu alleged that the weaker sections and the backward classes were being subjected to a systematic suppression ever since Jagan Mohan Reddy came to power. The BC, SC, ST and Minority ministers were turned into dummies and puppets that had no freedom to take any decisions at any level in the government. Even the fate of the so-called Deputy Chief Ministers was no different.

In a statement here, the TDP leader said that the Jagan Mohan Reddy regime showed total discrimination by giving nominated posts with no funds and no powers to the deprived sections, whereas, the corporations with huge funds, prestige, powers and privileges were given to Jagan Reddy's own caste. Posts without even chairs and office addresses were distributed to the SC, ST, BC and Minorities.

The TDP leader asked whether it was 'social justice' to give a lion's share of key decision-making posts to the Chief Minister's 'own social group'. The Chief Minister had deprived the backward classes leaders of over 16,800 posts in local bodies by cutting down their reservations.

He said that the sub-plan funds were diverted thereby causing great harm to the weaker sections. Over 10,000 acres of assigned lands were snatched away from the downtrodden sections in the name of house site pattas. The SC, ST, BC and Minority students were losing their reservations due to non-filling of the government jobs. With their attacks and atrocities, the ruling YSRCP leaders created a situation where the weaker sections were facing a struggle for day to day existence, he said.

Atchannaidu said the Chief Minister should explain whether the weaker sections had no right to become the chairman of TTD and why did he ignored the SC, ST, BCs in the appointment of 49 advisors posts.

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