Andhra Pradesh: Petition filed against the appointment of Nilam Sawhney as SEC withdrawn

Nilam Sawhney

 Nilam Sawhney 


Gurram Rama Krishna who filed petition against the appointment of Nilam Sawhney as SEC had withdrawn.

It is learnt that a PIL has been filed a petition in the High Court challenging the appointment of Nilam Sawhney as the State Election Commissioner. However, petitioner's lawyer told the court on Thursday that the petitioner had withdrawn his child in the order. The High Court issued directions disposing of the petition in this regard.

A week ago, Gurram Rama Krishna from Vijayawada, filed a petition in the high court seeking cancellation of GO on the appointment of Nilam Sawhney. The court was outraged as to why the PIL was laid without full details. It commented that the filing of the PIL has become the fashion. The court agreed, with the attorney repeatedly requesting an adjournment. Meanwhile, the petitioner withdrew his PIL in the light of this.

On the other hand, clarity would come today on the counting of Andhra Pradesh MPTC and ZPTC elections. The High Court will rule on the counting of votes. Telugu Desam party leader Varla Ramaiah has approached the court alleging that the state election commission had given notification for the Mandal and Zilla Parishad elections contrary to the Supreme Court order to impose the election code 4 weeks before the polling date. The single judge of the high court, which heard the case, issued an interim order on April 6 suspending the election process on April 8. The State Election Commission has filed an appeal against this.

However, the AP High Court, which halted the counting of votes, directed the single judge to hold an in-depth inquiry into the matter. Apart from this, the single judge heard the petitions filed by Jana Sena and BJP leaders and pronounced judgment. The single bench judge ruled that the counting should be canceled and fresh elections should be held as the MPTC and ZPTC had not complied with the Supreme Court orders in the elections. However, the state election commission has approached the division bench challenging the cancellation of the election given by the single bench.

However, the SEC, which had filed the delay petition a week ago, filed the full petition yesterday. The court will hear petitions filed by the SEC today. With the judgment of the High Court, clarity will come on the counting of ZPTC and MPTC elections. In the same context, there is a suspense over the verdict to be given by the Division Bench.

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