Centre issues notification amid AP, Telangana water row, KRMB and GRMB to control irrigation projects

Centre issues notification amid AP, Telangana water row, KRMB and GRMB to control irrigation projects

Centre issues notification amid AP, Telangana water row, KRMB and GRMB to control irrigation projects


Centre issues notification deciding that the irrigation projects come under the purview of respective river boards. Andhra Pradesh welcomes while Telangana opposes.

A key development has taken place in AP, Telangana Water row. The Centre took a sensational decision in the wake of the disputes between the two states. It was clarified that all the projects on the Krishna and Godavari rivers would be under the control of the respective boards, which will take care of all project management from now, and states should not interfere. To this end, the Union Ministry of Water Resources issued a gazette notification at midnight on the scope and management guidelines of the boards.

According to it, 36 projects on the Krishna River will come under the purview of the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) and 71 projects on the Godavari will come under the purview of the Godavari River Management Board (GRMB). CISF also looks after the security of the projects. The notification will take effect from October 14 and each state pays Rs. 200 crores should be deposited in 60 days. Maintenance costs must be paid within 15 days of request. Unauthorized projects must be approved within 6 months of the notification comes into force and projects should be stopped if permits are not obtained.

With the constant clashes between AP and Telangana over power generation, water use, new projects, the center entered the field handed over the responsibility for the projects to the boards.

According to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, in 2014, Krishna and Godavari river Management boards were formed. The scope of these has to be notified by the centre. The AP and Telangana governments have held several rounds of talks with the centre on the issue. The respective boards sent the drafts. However, Telangana asked to notify the boards only after the Brijesh Kumar tribunal's verdict while Andhra Pradesh has appealed to consider the use of 811 TMCs as per the Bachawat Tribunal. This was discussed for the last time in October last year in the Apex Council, chaired by the Union Jal Shakti Minister and chaired by two CMs. After hearing the views of the two CMs, the centre said that they would decide on the scope of the boards themselves. Notification to that effect was issued at midnight on Thursday.

The Center has clarified that along with the Chairman of the Board, the Member Secretary, and the Chief Engineer should also be from other states. Projects Headworks, Barrages, Reservoirs, Regulating Structures, Canal Networks, Transmission Lines are also covered by the Krishna Board. It said that the Krishna River Management Board has the power to direct state governments on the management of projects. Both AP and Telangana will be responsible for the management of projects in the event of natural disasters. However, the AP welcomed the decision of the centre while Telangana has strongly opposed it.

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