Eluru Mysterious illness update: District officials clarifies only one person died so far

Eluru tragedy: It’s time to curb use of pesticides

Eluru tragedy: It’s time to curb use of pesticides 


The severity of the mysterious disease in Eluru is said to be slowing down with many victims being decreased every day.

The severity of the mysterious disease in Eluru is said to be slowing down with many victims being decreased every day. District officials, who have so far examined the results of test samples are currently awaiting reports from central agencies. It is learnt that the respective central agencies will clarify the possible reasons for the spread of the disease by Friday. Meanwhile, 26 victims have been shifted to Vijayawada Government Hospital, and two have been discharged, and 24 people are receiving treatment.

Chief Secretary Nilam Sawhney will arrive at Eluru Government hospital shortly and will review with the authorities and talk to the victims in the hospital. It is revealed that two of those who came to Vijayawada Government Hospital from Eluru with other health problems have died. Doctors confirmed that a man named Appa Rao had died of tuberculosis and a woman named Subbaraoamma had died of tuberculosis. Speaking on occasion, Vijayawada govt hospital Superintendent Dr Shiva Shankar said that none of those who came from Eluru with a strange illness died while receiving treatment in Vijayawada. He revealed that 25 patients were admitted from Eluru with infection, and two of them were discharged, and the health of the remaining 23 is stable.

He said that cases were coming from Eluru every day for different reasons. He said that two of the patients died while receiving treatment. Of the two, Appa Rao died of tuberculosis and heart disease, while a patient named Subbaraoamma died due to covid. He said they had nothing to do with the patients who came with Eluru mysterious disease.

On the other hand, Eluru District Hospital AVR Mohan held a media conference on Thursday. He said that at present, 47 victims are being treated and made clear that one person had died. He said that the Gram Secretariat staff doctors are observing those who have been discharged from time to time. He said the government would take steps to reduce these cases by all means and urged the people not to believe the rumours on social media. "NCDC and NIN are investigating from all angles with samples of animals are being collected along with humans," he said. On the third day, a team of medical experts from Delhi visited the Eluru Government Hospital and talked to the victim and gathered details.

Meanwhile, central medical teams are staying in Eluru to find out the cause of the disease. The central medical team, Mangalagiri AIIMS team, AIA team, IPM and IRCI teams sent from various departments are currently in Eluru to find out the condition of the victims and their recovery.

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