Health hazards stare at flood victims in East Godavari district

Rain Water

Rain and drainage water stagnant at Indrapalem village in Kakinada Rural mandal


Many low-lying areas in Amalapuram, Pithapuram, Jaggampeta, Gollaprolu, Kakinada Rural and other areas submerged in rainwater

Kakinada: The incessant and unabated rain mingling with drainage water is causing a lot of health problems to the people in East Godavari district. Many low-lying areas in Amalapuram, Pithapuram, Jaggampeta, Gollaprolu, Kakinada Rural and other areas in the district were submerged in the rainwater. Obnoxious stench is emanating from the stagnant waters which have been lying in pools for the last one week. The accumulated rainwater mixed with sewage water overflowing from choked gutters has become lethal for residents due to the spreading of malaria, skin and other diseases in East Godavari district.

Rainwater stagnation in places like Dummulpet, Jana Chaitanya Nagar, Cheediga, Indrapalem Mootha Nagar in Kakinada Rural and Urban is posing health hazards. People complain that the stagnated water is nauseating and they are unable to reside there. The water entered their houses and has remained stagnant. In many places water can be seen stagnating for many days. Similarly, stormwater drains are clogged at many places. In certain areas children as well as elders are piping out the water from their colonies. Still water is rushing into the houses.

Even though food is supplied to the people in low-lying areas, the authorities have failed woefully in supplying medicines to them. People in low-lying areas are suffering from itching and blisters and other skin diseases for the last one week. The government is not supplying relevant medicines to cure their skin problems. They are demanding siphoning off of the stagnant waters from their areas to other far off places.

K Naga Mani, a resident of Mallayya Agraharam at SC Hostel said, "We are not able to reside here due to the stinking smell as waters have mingled with drain water. Snakes and other poisonous insects are entering our houses."

K Rupa Sri, a resident of Pratap Nagar urged the district officials to pump out the water from their colonies immediately. She urged the government to take immediate steps for siphoning off of the water from their areas.

G Ananta Lakshmi, a resident in Cheediga village, Indrapalem urged the Collector to immediately provide free medical treatment and medicines to them.

Kakinada Smart City CEO Swapnil Dinakar Pundkar said that they arranged the boat ambulances for giving medical treatment to the victims. He said that 14 rehabilitation centres have been arranged for the victims in Kakinada city.

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