Illegal sand mining rampant in Vamsadhara river

Earth mover parked on the banks of Vamsadhara river for digging sand

Earth mover parked on the banks of Vamsadhara river for digging sand


Officials are accused of turning a blind eye with the suspected involvement of Pathapatnam Assembly NDA leaders

Srikakulam: Illegal sand mining is rampant in Vamsadhara river at Hiramandal in Pathapatnam Assembly constituency limits. For the last several days, with the alleged support of the officials’ concerned, sand is being excavated during nights. The sand mining location is very near to the Hiramandal revenue office and police station. After excavating the sand from the river indiscriminately through earthmovers, the violators are dumping it near the banks of river. Later, they are shifting it to different places for selling at high prices.

According to information, daily about 30 lorries of sand is being shifted to different places and is sold for Rs 35,000 a load. The price changes based on demand and distance apart from risks.

Sand miners are using a temporary road laid by a Vamsadhara reservoir contractor across the river. In the wake of alleged involvement of ruling NDA local leaders, officials of police, revenue, Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB), mines and geology departments remained silent spectators.

In the last several months, officials gave permissions for sand mining in the Vamsadhara river for the purpose reservoir works. Taking advantage of it, sand miners are digging sand illegally and indiscriminately with earthmovers. Even though the government appealed to people to register complaints on illegal sand mining but they have no trust in the officials concerned departments while lower level staff are also fearing about their personal safety.

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