Kakinada: Liquid ganja being smuggled to telangana seized in East Godavari

Cops with ganja smugglers and the car seized

Cops with ganja smugglers and the car seized


5 arrested, the contraband worth Rs 2 lakh, car seized

Kakinada: Easily caught being transporting ganja, the smuggler are trying to smuggle the same in the liquid form from the Agency areas of the State to other parts of the country to sell the same the targeted customers.

On Thursday, district police seized 2 litre liquid ganja worth Rs 2lakh being transported to Telangana, during vehicle checking in Chinturu sub-division of East Godavari district.

They arrested five persons and also seized two car, 5 mobile phones, informed District Superintendent of Police M Ravindranath Babu.

The arrested persons were identified as Md Abid, Hussain, Ahmad Shakeeb, P Babu Rao and K Nagarjuna.

Addressing the media here on Thursday, SP Ravindranath Babu said that the Chinturu sub-division police who were conducting a vehicle check at Chinturu village on Wednesday, suspected the vehicles.

When they inspected the vehicles, they found the liquid ganja and arrested them. He said that the liquid ganja being transported to Hyderabad has been caught redhandedly.

SP Ravindranath Babu instructed the officials to open a history sheet regarding those who were caught in the raids. He said that those who are buying ganja will be caught very shortly. He stated that counselling will be conducted for the purchasers including their parents.

SP said that the police officials will not spare those who indulge in ganja smuggling. He said that they identified the smuggling routes in the remote areas in the Chinturu and Rampa agencies and have increased searches on the highways and remote villages routes. He stated that stringent action will be taken against those dealing in ganja trade.

SP requested the public to inform them about illegal transportation, storage and sale of drugs including ganja and others. He said that day and night they are checking the vehicles to detect if there is any ganja transported. He said that a case is registered and investigation is on.

SP appreciated the ASP Krishnakanth Patel and staff, who actively participated in the checking.

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