Lagadapati sees big win for TRS

Lagadapati sees big win for TRS

Rajagopal to reveal Pawan effect, other details today

Amaravati: Politician-cum- psephologist Lagadapati Rajagopal has indicated that TDP would romp back to power in Andhra Pradesh and TRS would win majority Lok Sabha seats in Telangana.

In a media conference at Velgapudi, Rajagopal said that the verdict will be a clear one and that Pawan Kalyan would make his debut entry into the Assembly.

Lagadapati said women voters in the state seem to have gone with the ruling party and the welfare schemes launched by the government appear to have paid good dividends for the TDP.

Lagadapati felt that the Pawan Kalyan factor has certainly cut into the vote bank of the two major political parties, TDP and YSRCP and hence the vote percentage of both these parties this time would be less compared to last time.

Last time TDP and allies got 47.1 per cent and YSRCP got 44.6 per cent but this time it would be less.

How much dent Pawan had made, he said he would reveal on Sunday. Lagadapati however did not indicate anything about former CBI joint director Laxminarayana.

He said he was a man who should be in active politics, but it remains to be seen what people will decide.

The failure of the central government to keep up its promise and help the state in development has played a key factor along with the welfare schemes launched by the TDP in influencing the people.

The way the Centre created hurdles has certainly hurt the people, he added.

Each party however has certain amount fixed vote bank but the poorer sections who are beneficiaries of welfare schemes seem to have leaned towards TDP.

But when it comes to caste there is clear division to great extent though there was no en masse voting on the basis of caste.

He said this election had raised keen interest even abroad and several NRIs have been asking him as to what outcome of this election would be.

He said he told them that the world class capital will be a reality. The projects that have been launched would continue unhindered. Polavaram project would be completed and efforts to get more industries would become a reality.

Replying to questions, he said he was in fact closer to Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and his family. But when it comes to survey, he believes in absolute professionalism.

He said this survey which he would announce on Sunday would be a test for his credibility in view of his predictions which had gone wrong in Telangana elections, he added.

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