Manabadi Nadu-Nedu program is a step towards changing the history: Jagan Mohan Reddy

Manabadi Nadu-Nedu program is a step towards changing the history: Jagan Mohan Reddy

The chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched the Manabadi Nadu-Nedu program in a special meeting arranged in the PVR Boys High School in Ongole on Thursday.

Ongole: The chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched the Manabadi Nadu-Nedu program in a special meeting arranged in the PVR Boys High School in Ongole on Thursday. He said that the state government is committed to bring reformations in the school and college education, including the conversion of government schools into English medium, even though he receives large criticism from various sections of people. He said that a right decision at the right time can change the fate of poor and down trodden people in the society.

Jagan Mohan Reddy explained the reasons behind the government's decision to teach in English medium at government schools. He said the present world is changing very fast and is becoming dependent on technologies like smart phones, internet, artificial intelligence, robotics etc and by 2040 it could be completely different to now. He questioned that if the child born this year unable to speak English and is not competent to the requirements in the market after his graduation in 2040 or post graduation in 2042, what could be his fate. He mentioned the 2011 census data that 33 percent of the children in the state are not able to get educated due to their poverty and lack of infrastructure in government schools. He asked the public whether the government should change the schools into the temples of wisdom or support the corporate sector and let the education in government schools ruin further.

The chief minister said that no politician, officer, journalist or cine actor is ready to let their wards seek education in government schools that are teaching in Telugu medium. He said that if the government supports Telugu only in the name of culture and heritage, they would laugh at the people in the government in future for lacking foresight. He claimed that he thought well before bringing English medium in government schools so that today's children would be ready for the future world job market and the competition levels required after 20 years. He said that if the children today do not learn English or not taught in English medium, they would fall behind in competition and become unskilled workers. He mentioned that the education minister Dr Adimulapu Suresh, IAS officers B Rajasekhar and Dhanunjaya Reddy changed into English medium for their bright future and said that only education would save the people from poverty. He alleged that while he is taking revolutionary decisions for the benefit of poor people, persons in the politics, constitutional positions like vice president, film stars are politically and personally targeting him. He asked the people targeting him to give place to democracy than hypocrisy and questioned why should their wards only get English medium education and why not the poor children. He announced that he promised to provide English medium education to the poor parents met him all the way of 3648 kilometers padayatra and claimed that he is keeping his word by converting government schools into English medium.

Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that among the 45000 plus government schools in the state, they are launching the Nadu Nedu program in 15715 schools, as a step towards changing the history. He said by June or July, all these schools would be equipped with basic infrastructure like toilets, drinking water, fans and tube lights in classrooms, modern furniture, green boards, compound walls, English labs, extra classrooms and repairs would be done to the existing. He said that these schools would be converted into English medium schools but will teach Telugu as a compulsory subject. He claimed that the classes I to VI would be taught in English medium in the first year, and the same would be done for class VII, VIII, IX and X from year after year. He said that the students would get a minimum of 4 years to attend Class X public exams in English medium and he wished that they will get used to write and speak by then.

He requested the parents committees in all schools to stand by the students while they are adapting English medium and assured that bridge courses would be designed to support the slow learners. He said that the teachers also would be offered training to teach in English and the syllabus for the classes would also be modified to meet the requirements. He said that he would not fear to take challenges and risk the bright future of the children. He said that he will go ahead even though his opponents keep on targeting him. He said for the face lifting of the government schools, the government will release Rs 12000 crore in three years, around Rs 3500 crores for 15000 schools every year. He said that the present condition of the schools is being photographed and will be displayed there to show the change the Nadu-Nedu program brought to it by June or July. He said that they are moving ahead with good heart without worrying about the expenditure.

The chief minister announced that Amma Vodi program will be launched on January 9 and asked the mothers to send their children to schools to receive Rs 15000 to meet the expenditure. He announced if the mothers would support their brother, he would bring more reforms in the education sector. He mentioned that he is shocked to know that only 24 percent of the children who competes intermediate is going to college due to their poverty. He announced extension of Amma Vodi scheme to the mothers of degree and engineering and others that they will get Rs 20000 per year to meet the hostel and mess bills of their children in under graduate education, along with the regular fees reimbursement program. He announced that the government will introduce skill development centers in every parliament constituency and a skill university in the state to nurture students through the SDCs.

The chief minister claimed when the job market is down in the country, Andhra Pradesh is the only state to provide 4lakh employment. He said that they offered 1.30 lakh government jobs in the village and ward secretariats and 2.70 lakh jobs as volunteers. He said that to help every child come out of poverty, the government passed the act to demand private companies coming to state to provide 75 percent of the jobs in them under local reservation. He said that he is walking on a rough road where his enemies are lurking around and asked the blessings of the public to continue the journey ahead.

The ministers Pinipe Viswaroop, Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, Adimulapu Suresh, collector Dr Pola Bhaskara, MLCs and MLAs from the district and other officials and public representatives also participated in the program.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy interacting with students at the Manabadi Nadu Nedu program inaguration meeting at Ongole on Thursday

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy and Adimulapu Suresh inspecting the model class room at Ongole on Thursday

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