Visakhapatnam: Delay in delivery of smart cards irks licence seekers

Visakhapatnam: Delay in delivery of smart cards irks licence seekers

RTA officials say the Postal Department staff have been delaying delivering of smart cards to vehicle owners

Visakhapatnam: The owners who got their vehicles registered and those who have attended the driving test at Road Transport Authority (RTA), are compelled to wait for some more days for the issue of smart cards which contain details about RCs and DL.

As the Department of Transportation is failing to deliver smart cards to vehicle owners, this has led to the accumulation of thousands of RCs and DL cards at RTA offices.

Similar situation is being witnessed across the state over the past one month. In some districts, the Deputy Transport Commissioners took the initiative of checking with the postal department officials to resolve the issue. However, in many districts, motorists continue to visit RTA offices to collect smart cards.

Normally, these smart cards will be readied in a couple days from the date of completing the registration. But the RTA officials mentioned the postal department is taking much time to deliver them to respective vehicle owners' residence which at times crosses 45 days.

As per the citizen's charter, applicants will get DL and RC cards within two weeks to get delivered through postal service. To render this service, RTA collects Rs 35 as postal charges.

In 2016, the process has further been simplified by the RTA, introducing online service phase-wise. At present, more than 60 services have been made online. Some of them can be availed through smartphones as well.

As part of the online service, registration of vehicles at showrooms was introduced in the country and the pilot project was launched in Visakhapatnam.

Though public can book slots for DL online, they have to go to RTA office to collect RC and DL cards.

RTA officials told The Hans India the postal department staff has been delaying in delivering smart cards to vehicle owners.

It is learnt that some postmen returning documents to RTA, showing the reasons such as 'door lock' and 'address not found'. After a long wait, motorists have to go to RTA's office to collect cards themselves. Vehicle owners are getting annoyed with poor service rendered by authorities as they feel that their money and time are being wasted.

Around 1,500 people visit RTA offices in the city for vehicle registration and DL per day. So far, around 10,000 cards are kept pending in office waiting to get delivered. Deputy Transport Commissioner G C Raja Ratnam appealed to vehicle owners to collect cards from RTA office during working hours. "Separate counters have also been set up at DTC office to clear the rush. Those who completed vehicle registration and cleared DL test before December 15, 2019 can avail the facility at our office," he added.

While transport authorities blame it on inefficient service of postal department, the postal sources revealed that their remuneration from RTA department has been kept pending for more than six months.

However, in 2018, the RTA authorities made efforts to engage private courier companies for delivery of smart cards. But the proposal did not take off. On the other hand, the postal department which did not want to lose crores of rupees as income assured RTA to provide prompt delivery.

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