YS Jagan launches Abhayam Project for Women's safety in the state

YS Jagan

AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy


Abhayam App: The Andhra Pradesh government has taken another step for the protection of women and children in the state.

Abhayam App: The Andhra Pradesh government has taken another step for the protection of women and children in the state. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy inaugurated the Abhayam project jointly run by the Central and State Governments. The project, which will be implemented under the supervision of the Department of Transport, was virtually launched on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, CM Jagan said, "We are launching the Abhayam project for the safety of women." He reminded that Amma Vodi and Cheyuta schemes have already been introduced for women. House site pattas are also being registered in the name of women and 50 per cent reservation for women in nominated posts. The Home Minister clarified that women have been given opportunities in the posts of Deputy CM. We are taking steps to give women economic and political empowerment. He said there was no compromise on the protection and safety of women.

Speaking at the meeting held at the CM's camp office in Tadepalli, CM Jagan said, "Peace and security have been given top priority. For the first time in the country, the Disha Bill was introduced and stood as an ideal and Disha police stations have been set up in every district. We are taking steps to set up special courts to stand by the sisters through the Disha app. Women police have also been appointed in each village / ward secretariat.

The Abhayam app has been made available under the auspices of the Department of Transport. The app can be used to travel safely in autos and cabs. We will set up the Abhayam app device in every auto and cab in the state. We are setting up the device in a thousand vehicles for the first time and set up the device for one lakh vehicles by next November, 'he said.

While the total project cost is Rs 138.48 crore, the central government has allocated Rs 80.09 crore to the state in 2015 under the Nirbhaya scheme. The state government has to allocate Rs 55.39 crore as its share. The Department of Transport aims to complete the project by November next year by phasing out tracking devices for luxury vehicles in the state. Initially, Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be set up in a thousand autos in Visakhapatnam. After that it will be implemented in Tirupati.

Here is how the Abhayam project works

Tracking devices are installed in transport vehicles.

IoT boxes should be fitted to transport vehicles in stages.

These devices will be set up on Monday in the first thousand autos. The devices will be installed in 5,000 vehicles by February 1, 50,000 vehicles by July 1 and 1 lakh vehicles by November 31 next year. Project management will last until 2025.

Those traveling in autos and cabs should install the 'Abhayam' mobile application on their mobile. Scan the QR code affixed to the vehicle before boarding the vehicle.

After the scan, the driver's photo and vehicle details will be sent to the mobile.

Women who use smart phones can find out the whereabouts of the vehicle through GPS by sending the relevant vehicle number from the mobile app in case of any difficulties in their journey.

Passengers who do not have a smart phone can press the panic button on the IoT device attached to the vehicle and the information will reach the command control center and the Cab or auto stops immediately and sends information to nearby police officers.

Radio Frequency Identity Technology (RFID) cards are issued to drivers' licenses after IoT-based boxes are fitted to autos and cabs.

Passengers need to swipe these RFID license cards to the IoT box fitted at the engines for the autos or cabs to start the journey.

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