YS Jagan to launch door delivery vehicles in Vijayawada tomorrow for distribution of ration

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy


The Andhra Pradesh government headed by chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has decided to deliver the ration goods in the state at the doorstep

The Andhra Pradesh government headed by chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has decided to deliver the ration goods in the state at the doorstep. It is going to implement this program from tomorrow. As part of this, the company aims to deliver unprecedented quality swarnarice to the cardholder at home via a mobile vehicle. FThe scheme was designed at an additional cost of Rs 830 crore.

CM Jagan will launch 2,500 door delivery vehicles from Krishna, Guntur and West Godavari districts tomorrow at the Vijayawada Benz Circle. So far in the public distribution system, the percentage of rice distributed to the cardholders is high and the percentage of dyed rice is high and most of the rice is not consumed by the cardholders. As a solution to this problem, the government has decided to provide cardholders with an improved quality of gold that they can eat as will.

As part of this, the Department of Civil Supplies made drastic changes during the procurement of rice for the first time in order to alleviate the deep dissatisfaction of the people with the quality and distribute the swarna type of rice which is preferred by the majority of the people. At the time of purchasing the grain from the farmers, the quality of the type of rice was reduced to 15 per cent and improved gold intermediate type Sortex‌ rice will be collected and provided to cardholders.

In the current public distribution system, some shopkeepers in the distribution of goods through discount stores do not have proper punctuality, irregular delivery of goods, black market movement of goods in view of the difficulties faced by cardholders, especially the elderly, the sick, the daily necessities of the mobile for the day labourers who are losing wages. Introducing a home delivery approach using the volunteer system, quality rice will be distributed through cardholders' fingerprints in the presence of the public at the cardholder's home through reusable bags with precise weight.

For the first time these bags will be given away for free. Every bag of rice is sealed without any adulteration, and each bag has a unique code that is tracked online. By fitting GPS to all mobile vehicles, cardholders will be able to know the delivery details in real time through the mobile app.

In addition, the mobile vehicle has to deliver the goods for the convenience of the cardholders for an average of 18 days per month. Also the vehicles must distribute not less than an average of 90 cards. There is a constant social audit on this. Goods will be delivered by electronic weighing with a definite weight. 9,260 mobile vehicles to provide rice and essential commodities to cardholders at home at a cost of Rs. 539 crores.

The vehicles were provided by the government at 60 per cent subsidy to the eligible beneficiaries through various corporations under the Employment Guarantee Scheme for Unemployed Youth. The value of each vehicle is Rs. 5,81,000, of which 60 per cent i.e. Rs. 3,48, 600 were provided as subsidy from various Welfare Corporations. The Civil Supplies Corporation will pay the rent for these vehicles every month for six years.

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