4 Car Maintenance Mistakes You Should Never Make

4 Car Maintenance Mistakes You Should Never Make

A car delivers maximum mobility to someone that loves freedom!

Your car is more than just a vehicle or a mode of transport; it is one of your most prized possessions and it's important to take good care of it. As a machine that has been built to serve a human purpose, a car also needs the right inputs to deliver the desired output and constantly needs checking, scrutiny, and maintenance. Like every machine, a car also goes through wear and tear and needs fixing every now and then to run smoothly without any issue. However, maintenance is a complicated task and you need to be very careful to address each individual component and apply the proper fixing methods. After all, you do not want to put yourself or any passenger at risk neither do you want your beloved possession to break down.

In this article, we will address four common car maintenance mistakes that people usually make and how you should avoid them.

Avoiding oil change: While it's true that a car can run a few thousand miles with fresh oil, it is better to check the oil every now and then and if possible change it. If you neglect oil changes, you will find that your engine heats up very often, your car is slower and inefficient, and your engine components wear and tear more frequently, and in worst-case scenarios, your car's engine shuts down totally. Hence, it is advised that you change the oil once every three or four months to ensure smooth performance.

Skipping checking the tire pressure: The tires are responsible for handling the movements, the degrees of freedom and to balance the vehicle. Hence, they are subjected to heavy pressure and are prone to wear and tear. If left unchecked, it could lead to flat tires and explosions. Furthermore, tires are responsible for handling the traction of the car and provide friction on slippery surfaces. Old, rusty tires are in danger of not being able to function up to the mark. This may lead to dangerous circumstances such as accidents leading to grave injuries. So it's recommended to check the tire pressure every month to avoid any untoward incident.

Not checking the brakes: Brakes are the most essential part of any motorized vehicle without a doubt. So worn out and inefficient brakes are a huge safety haphazard and it is an issue which cannot be overlooked at any cost. Brake pads and brake oil need to be checked as frequently as once a week to ensure you are safe each time you're hitting the road. In addition, every time you suspect a change in your brakes, give them a proper check.

Waiting till it's too late: The problem with some of us is that we wait for a situation to occur before acting up. This is incredibly risky with a car. Waiting till it is too late could not only lead to damages to certain parts of your vehicle, it could also lead to serious accidents. Hence, you should constantly check for errors in the system even if your car functions perfectly. Furthermore, it's recommended to check the manual that comes with the car to know your way around the car and understand it better.

Further auto advice includes keeping an eye on the check engine lights, do regular fluid checks, replacing decaying components and making it a habit of taking daily care of your car. Your car is one of the most expensive things you own so make sure to keep it bright and shiny. Check for auto advice and other related information online or consult a pro mechanic.

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