Dignitaries stress on petroleum industry

Dignitaries stress on petroleum industry

Dignitaries stress on petroleum industry


The third session of BBBC by The Hans India has begun on a high note. Dignitaries and panelist include Prof. VSRK PRASAD (Moderator), Director, Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy (IIPE); K Satyanarayana, Technical Head, Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited (MEIL)

Visakhapatnam: The third session of BBBC by The Hans India has begun on a high note. Dignitaries and panelist include Prof. VSRK PRASAD (Moderator), Director, Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy (IIPE); K Satyanarayana, Technical Head, Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited (MEIL); Tharun Kumar, General Manager, BPCL; Kavita Rajesh, President, HMA; Srujana, Associate Director, WTC. The third session mainly focusses on Petrochemicals - Innovating for a carbon neutral future.

Speaking on the occasion, the dignitaries have stressed on various aspects on petroleum industry and had made vital statements on the ease of doing business. The dignitaries also have engaged with the young enthusiasts and businessmen on the occasion. The dignitaries have also stressed on the aspects that the young businessmen

Earlier the second session of BBBC day 2 came to an end with many hails on The Hans India for organising such a unique conclave to benefit the young and dynamite enthusiast businessmen. The dignitaries who attended got apparently engaged with the enthusiasts and eventually shared their experience, views and ideas with the young businessmen who were present on the occasion.

At the end of the session, there was a presentation by Mr Ravi Kishore, an entrepreneur from Green Farm Pvt. Ltd. Haryana, who presented the presentation with his gestures. He shared his thoughts on "sustainability is the conservation of natural resources" and a case study related to the same.

Speaking on the occasion, Atul Mehta, Co-founder, Razor pay stated that it is essential to look at how and why it started? Along with two other IIT Roorkee, he started the journey of RazorPay, concentrating on a technology company which is into payments. He said our competition is cash and offline. India is spending 1.8 to 2% of its GDP on printing currency notes. Why do we need to print notes when we can transfer the trust in other ways? That will be great. RazorPay is the ERP of the Fintech business, and we are a full-fledged suite. His mantra is working for CTC - Clients, Team and Company, and for PPF - People put first. People can make or break a company.

B Sri Ram Murthy, Founder of Grameena Foundation discussed about the Grameena Foundation. B Sri Ram stated that they mainly concentrate on women workers and people with disability. We wanted to develop nano entrepreneurship and mentor the people in need, he said. We look at preparing micro-entrepreneurs and then giving them appropriate technology and we are planning to teach about entrepreneurship, IT, and drone at the school level to some extent, so we need rural start-ups for rural India, he added. We want to develop rural India, he stated.

Earlier, Ravi Eswarapu, Head & CEO of Incubation Centre, Andhra University shared about his journey and stressed on financial literacy, how to earn and how to spend. He said students should understand entrepreneurship and the ecosystem around it. We created an ecosystem and are making students future-ready by making them understand everything about what startup is and entrepreneurship is and get to know about it and start whenever they want to.

Similarly, Nanda Kishore Reddy

MD, APTS, Group CEO-APEITA, Andhra Pradesh said that the government is the biggest problem solver and offers services to the people, so we are providing our startups with a plethora of problems statements. This has been happening for decades; now we welcome the startups to come up with the solutions to solve the issues faced by departments and people, he said. We have incubation centres across the states and work on the problems they are facing, he added. We are maintaining a mentor pool where they can build a relationship and work on the issues, he said.

On the occasion, Hemalatha, Serial Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30 shared her journey of how she began with connecting corporates. Most of the time, things won't work the way you started; you should have always an option ready with you, and that's how I chose e-commerce, she said.

Meanwhile, Vijaya asked Kanthi Dutt, Co-Founder, Sustain Kart, about how he got this idea. This venture is run along with Shilpa Reddy. Kanthi Dutt responded saying that they started with chit chat show, and after a few days, they had a lot of viewers who were asking about sustainable products. They used to refer to Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Myntra. Soon they realised they needed authenticity. So, after launching the Sustain Kart, he learnt e-commerce and Tech; that's when the idea came into shape, and the business started growing.

Mr Vijaya also asked Shilpa Reddy, Co-Founder, Sustain Kart, why she joined the venture when she could have supported it; what was the motivation?

Shilpa shared that her journey started eight years back towards sustainability, and she felt that this was a platform where she could work on what she was doing on the social handles - Fitness, upcycling, recycling etc. We started a youtube channel in collaboration called sustainability with Shilpa Reddy. We were getting queries from the viewers about the products and decided to work together to help and show the right direction, Kanthi Dutt said.

The second session on startups has begun in the ongoing BBC by The Hans India at Novotel Visakhapatnam. The dignitaries has taken part in the BBBC to share their views and ideas to the young and dynamite businessmen. The panelists include I Vijaya Kumar (Moderator), Co-Founder, Author, Member National Startup Council, Crayon Data; Kanthi Dutt, Co-founder, Sustain Kart; Silpa Reddy, Co-founder, Sustain Kart. This session mainly focuses on the startups in Vizag as well in other States of the country

A few minutes ago, the first session of BBBC Day 2 was successfully came to an end after the panelists on the stage shared their views and ideas. They also recalled the businesses that had an impact due to the pandemic all over India. The dignitaries also shared on the measures that can be taken to improve the business. The dignitaries were given a momento as a note of thanks on the occasion.

The second day of has begun in Novotel Visakhapatnam on Saturday. The BBBC was launched on Friday by 'The Hans India' Chief Editor Ramu Sarma. The first day of the BBBC had a phenomenal response from the young businessmen and business enthusiast as they thronged Novotel to be a part of BBBC as many dignitaries too took part to share their views and ideas on ease of doing business. During all the three sessions, the dignitaries who attended the BBBC has appreciated The Hans India for organising such a unique conclave in Visakhapatnam, a city of destiny. Each speaker on the stage has appreciated The Hans India for coming up with such a unique conclave which will be helpful for young generation and enthusiast businessmen.

The first session of Day 2 in the BBBC conclave will mainly focus on lessons learnt through pandemic as many business were shrinked due to the virus spread and non-available of customers and lockdowns. The dignitaries for the first session are Dr PP Lal Krishna, Managing Director, Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City, Vizag; Leela Rani, Director, Lee Pharma.

The first day of Day 2 session began with The Hans India Chief Editor Ramu Samra's address to the gathering and the dignitaries and panelists on the stage.

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