Amyra Dastur urges all to donate to Covid relief

Amyra Dastur

Amyra Dastur


Amyra Dastur is donating to Covid relief amid the ongoing second wave of the pandemic

Amyra Dastur is donating to Covid relief amid the ongoing second wave of the pandemic. The actress is deeply affected by how the pandemic has left people devastated and displaced families across the nation.

"Covid-19 has devastated so many in our country and displaced so many families. It's because of this that we all really need the children of today to be able help create a better world for tomorrow," Amyra said.

The actress also feels we should educate our children about the reality of our country so that they learn to donate for those in need.

"Children shouldn't be living in a bubble. Poverty is a huge humanitarian issue in India. Kids need to know this reality so that when they grow up they can help and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than them," she suggested, adding, "As a child my mother worked with The Red Cross as a volunteer on and off. I learnt so much and became so grateful for what I have," she said.

Amyra prefers donating to smaller NGOs which are working to aid Covid affected families in India.

Explaining why she chooses to donate to smaller NGOs, the actress shared: "The bigger NGOs already have big names attached and great consistent donations. The smaller NGOs need support and awareness spread on their behalf to be able to grow. I also believe the smaller NGOs give more attention and focus to a smaller group of people, thereby enhancing a better way of life for these people that they solely concentrate on."

"I have personally seen the progress that has taken place and I feel proud of what these small NGOs have managed to achieve, especially during this pandemic," she added.

Urging all to donate whatever they can, Amyra said: "You can even donate food instead of money in the form of ration kits containing basic commodities like rice, vegetables, cooking oil, etc. Money isn't the only way to help. Something simple to you can be worth so much to families who don't have it."

On the work front, Amyra will feature alongside actor-choreographer-filmmaker Prabhu Deva in the upcoming Tamil film "Bagheera".

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