The Journey Of Deepika Turning Into 'Malti'…

The Journey Of Deepika Turning Into Malti…

  • Deepika Padukone… A superstar of Bollywood and a glam queen of fashion arena!
  • Laxmi Agarwal… An acid attack survivor…

Deepika portraying the role of Laxmi on screen was just not an easy task. Till now she had seen only makeup which enhances her look but for this movie, she had to sit continuously hours together to get that right look of a damaged face. It is all the magic of prosthetic makeup which gave her the look of 'Malti' on screen.

It was Deepika who accepted this movie offer and showed off her prowess in acting like Malti. Accepting this role is quite easy but making the role go live on the reel is what a challenge is called. Deepika has accepted it and gave her 100% to change herself to Mati.

Now, Deepika has shown us how difficult it is to portray the role by releasing the glimpses of her prosthetic makeup. We are here with the video, straight from Deepika Padukone's Instagram account… Have a look!

Being titled as 'The Face Of Chhapaak', this video starts off with the introduction of real Laxmi Agarwal and then goes over to the director of the movie, Meghna Gulzar where she tells us that Deepika was her first and obvious choice for the character of Malti. Then Deepika shows off her prosthetic makeup trails with the makeup artist Clovers Bhutua. Meghna doesn't want Laxmi to be on screen, she wanted Deepika to get the right acid attack look with the help of prosthetics.

To get the mould right, Deepika had to lock her face in plaster-of-paris for hours together. Except her nose, even her eyes, ears and mouth were shut and it was then possible to get that right shape. This is not done once, there were many looks of Malti, one after immediate acid attack, one for when she gets discharged from hospital, one after many surgeries, etc… So, Deepika had to face this challenge more than once which tested her patience.

This video shows off the complete journey of Deepika turning into Malti along with a few glimpses of 'Chhapaak' movie. One more interesting part was, the makeup covered her entire face, but she made the magic on screen with her eyes. She used her eyes very beautifully and made us fall for her again and again.

Deepika says that she carried her emotions and body language on screen perfectly which made her witness Malti on screen but not Laxmi. Meghna says that when an actor cracks the journey of being an actor to becoming a character, then the magic happens.

All together, Deepika, Meghna, Atika, Laxmi, Clovers and entire the cast & crew made us witness the struggle and pain of Malti on-screen which made every viewer drop a tear from their eyes.

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